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Last Updated: March 7, 2022

We all know we should take better care of our bodies, but time and money constraints mean that fitness and self-care often get passed over.

Not all of us live across the road from a reasonably priced gym and even if we do, finding time and motivation to give up your time to spend sweating on the treadmill just isn’t for everyone.

So, what’s the alternative, get a bigger place and spend thousands on a home gym to make it super convenient? Well, you can if you want to. If you’ve got the space and money, then go ahead.

Zeno Gym Reviews

With property prices ever on the rise and space at a premium, we’re not sure that everyone has an empty spare room just waiting to be filled up with expensive, bulky fitness equipment. There is a solution though. We’re talking about the Zeno Gym Workout Bench One. 

We may all experience a time in our lives when, due to unprecedented circumstances, we spend more time at home than we used to.

Any number of things could limit our ability to attend the gym regularly, and that’s without struggling with plain old motivation issues.

Our homes are our safe places, but they don’t have to be lazy places. We’ve all proved that against the odds, we can be productive and work from our home environments, so why not work out at home?

You’ll never have to wait your turn for the equipment to be free, nor will you have to listen to the annoying playlist from the guy who has never heard of earphones, and there are no excuses not to work out when it’s right there in front of you.

The Zeno Gym Workout Bench makes having a space-saving varied home gym affordable and available for everyone. 

So what’s the big deal about the Zeno Gym? Well, let’s look into it more closely and discuss some of its features: 

The Bench 

The bench itself can provide a full-body workout any time or place you choose. You can use it to do step-ups to develop those leg muscles, shoulder rows, bench presses, glute raises, butterfly presses, and hip thrusts, to name but a few.

It can be used for so much more than that, though. It’s a viable replacement for a weight bench, free weights, and a cable machine. That’s because of the adjustable resistance bands and attachments that can really make your workouts intense.

Resistance bands have long been used to tone up and add extra weight resistance to simple moves. Generally more popular with the ladies, though. Well, fellas, you don’t know what you’re missing. 

If you’re resistant to the idea of working out with resistance bands, it’s probably because you’re thinking of the latex stretchy circles which you put around your ankles or knees to give your squats or lunges some added oomph.

That’s not what the resistance bands that come with the Zeno gym are and while we’ve said the bench itself is great for assisting plenty of gravity resisting exercises, the bands are what makes this set-up work so well.

The Attachments 

So what’s included? Well, the bench is and at a humble 35 pounds, it’s pretty portable as home gyms go. Then there are six D-rings to attach the straps and accessories to.

This means that you can use the bands for so many resistance exercises and work out every part of the body and muscle group. Then there are the actual bands.

There are three pairs, and you can either use them one at a time or in pairs to work both sides at once. Why are there three different pairs? Because they are different levels of resistance. 

Resistance essentially adds up to a certain weight equivalent. So you might load up the leg press at the gym with a physical 30lb weight or maybe 50lbs, but all those different weight discs take up space and are obviously heavy to move.

Resistance bands take up next to no space and are equivalent to a certain weight in gravity resistance. All weight training is resistant training, we’re resisting the gravity acting on the weights. The heavier the weight, the harder we have to work to resist gravity.

Now, with the Zeno Gym Workout Bench, you don’t need all those weights, bars, and benches cluttering up your home office or bedroom. Instead of resisting gravity, you resist the bench via the bands.

The bands come in 15lbs, 30lbs, and 50lbs weights, so you can work out different muscles at different weights. Just unclip the band and swap them over.

The bands are also adjustable in length, so you can use them just like the cable machines at the gym.

You can use the full length of the cords for donkey kicks or shorter ones for seated bicep curls. This gives you all the power to make your workout work for you.

The Zeno gym also comes with two handles for comfort if you’re pulling the bands with your hands, and one ankle strap, so you can work your legs and glutes with the resistance cables. You know you really don’t want to miss leg day. 


The Zeno Gym Workout Bench is compact and portable, so you don’t have to worry about your fitness goals compromising your home space.

It weighs just thirty-five pounds, so it’s easy to move around, but it can support up to 1000 pounds of weight, so it’s a strong little bench.

In fact, if you had some weights, you could use it as a comfortably padded weight bench.

It measures in at 40.4 x 17.5 x 16.7 inches, so it could fit in a closet, cupboard or wardrobe with relative ease. It can easily be moved by using the handles at each end. This is a much more space-efficient piece of fitness equipment when compared to many of its less durable competitors. 

Zeno Gym Workout Bench
Zeno Gym Workout Bench


The Zeno Gym has a few competitors which could easily compare with ease of storage or price, but they aren’t even close when it comes to the versatility of the Zeno Gym, or the durability and quality of the product.

We’ve spoken about how adaptable it is in terms of the resistance bands, the positioning and how the variable weights and lengths allow for flexible usage, but the lengths the manufacturers have gone to in order to make this product high-quality and hard-wearing are absolutely worth a mention. 

Featuring reinforced stretching with comfortable and durable vinyl, this bench is built to last. It is reinforced with eleven layers of Polywood and uses high resilience foam to ensure longevity of the equipment. This is definitely designed with quality in mind.

Online Support

The Zeno Gym app has versions for Android and IOS and is packed with helpful workout ideas which use the Zeno Gym Workout Bench.

If your imagination has its limits mid-workout, and you sometimes find yourself wishing you had a personal trainer to tell you what to do next, then you don’t need to worry, because the Zeno Gym app has tons of tips and workout videos which help you focus on form and uses the Zeno Gym Bench to its full potential.

The Zeno Gym YouTube channel also has some super useful how-to videos which will help you to expand your fitness knowledge and find new ways to tone specific muscles. 

Suitable for All

No matter your ability and fitness level, the Zeno Gym Workout Bench is a space-saving fitness solution which is suitable for all.

If you’re new to exercise, then paying close attention to the online advice and support available through the app and YouTube channel will help you to feel secure that you’re doing moves with good form, and practicing safely.

If you’re a seasoned athlete but want a more convenient fitness solution to help you tone up and gain strength at home, then you need look no further than this compact home gym.

It has got everything you need to make a success of your fitness journey, without taking up the space and resources that comparable fitness equipment does. 

There are other attachments you can invest in to mix up your routines even more, but these are small and easy to store too, like the bar attachment.

Also, bear in mind that the new Zeno Bench Home has a totally different look, while boasting the same innovative design. It keeps all the features we have mentioned while looking like a miniature vintage gymnastic vault.

It could definitely pass for a feature coffee table and wouldn’t look out of place in most living spaces.

Just move it away from the wall when you want to use it, so you’ve got enough space for a good range of motion, and there’ll be no stopping your self-motivated transformation. 

Zeno Gym Reviews


Great Buy

No matter your ability and fitness level, the Zeno Gym Workout Bench is a space-saving fitness solution which is suitable for all.

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