50 Best 15 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

Last Updated: May 30, 2023

Time flies, my friend!

Can you believe how far you and your wife have come? Through all the ups and downs, the laughter and tears, and the adventures and misadventures, you’ve surprised yourselves. It’s easy to take those small wins for granted after all the victories and obstacles you’ve conquered together, but that’s totally understandable. Building a loving and healthy relationship requires giving it your all.

But hey, don’t forget to celebrate those milestones! We all know about the fancy Silver, Golden, and Diamond Anniversaries after 25, 50, and 75 years respectively. But let’s not overlook the equally significant, and easier-to-reach, 15-year Crystal Anniversary.

Yeah, you heard it right. The Crystal Anniversary marks the 15-year milestone, and it’s a big deal! It often gets overlooked by couples worldwide. The traditional gift for this anniversary is crystals, symbolizing the shining, clear, and brilliant love you both share.

So when you’re looking for a gift to celebrate this special occasion, think about getting something made of glass like a beautiful vase, or maybe a stylish watch or timepiece. These symbolic presents represent the time you’ve already spent together and the time you’ll continue to share in the future.

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Traditional Gifts and Modern Gifts

When it comes to traditional Crystal Anniversary gifts, you’re looking at items that need some tender love and care. These crystal gifts serve as beautiful reminders of the couple’s love over the years and should be sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

A popular choice for the 15th anniversary is crystal paperweights or crystal balls. They make for a meaningful keepsake, representing the years you’ve spent together and the years still ahead. If you’re looking for something more delicate and elegant, consider gifting stemware, bells, decanters, or vases, as they are sophisticated choices that wives often appreciate.

Now, let’s talk about modern Crystal Anniversary gifts, where timepieces take the spotlight. Timepieces are not only symbolic of the time you’ve spent together but also the moments that lie ahead. They come in various forms, like wall clocks, table clocks, or even wristwatches that can comfortably adorn your wife’s wrist.

If you’re thinking of something more wearable, how about a beautiful pendant on a gold or silver chain? It’s a stylish and meaningful option that your wife can proudly wear close to her heart.

The Crystal Anniversary Gemstones, Flowers, and Colors

Just like the Silver, Golden, and Diamond Anniversaries, the Crystal Anniversary has its own traditional themes. It’s all in good fun, of course, and completely optional, but experimenting with these themes can add some excitement to your celebration.

The 15th Anniversary Gemstone

Let’s start with the 15th Anniversary gemstone. If you’re considering jewelry or accessories, look into rubies, garnets, and alexandrites. These gemstones have connections to Crystal Anniversaries and will complement the crystals and timepieces you find for your wife.

The 15th Anniversary Color

Now, let’s talk about the color for the 15th Anniversary. The ruby, garnet, and alexandrite all have one thing in common: red. Red is the official color for the 15-year anniversary, and it’s perfect for gemstones. And hey, alexandrite even has the cool feature of changing colors, which adds an extra fun dynamic to consider.

The 15th Anniversary Flower 

When it comes to the flower, the rose takes the spotlight for the Crystal Anniversary. The rose is a classic symbol of passion, love, and perfection, making it a fitting choice for a love that has endured for 15 years. Tradition leans towards red roses, aligning with the thematic color and gemstones, but you have plenty of options to find the perfect bouquet for your deserving wife.

Top Picks For Crystal Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

Now, let’s dive into some top picks for Crystal Anniversary gifts for your wife. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect gift. But fear not! This list has got you covered. It considers various areas of interest, including romance, accessorizing, travel, and adventure, among others. You’ll find a range of recommendations, from traditional to modern 15-year Crystal Anniversary gifts, ensuring you’ll find something that suits your wife’s tastes and interests.

Oakmont Personalized Twist Decanter Set

Make your home bar shine with the Oakmont Personalized Twist Decanter Set. This fine and exquisite personalized set will elevate the whiskey experience through this luxurious and suave novelty.

You can engrave your names and initials on this pristine three-piece set. The engraving would look esthetic on the fineness of the elegant twists of the decanter, highlighted by the ebbing and flowing amber of the whiskey as light passes through its transparent mass.

The twisted design is uniform between the glasses and decanter, making a uniform and stunning decor piece for your home bar, home office, bar cart, or lounge area. This novelty brings an air of luxury anywhere you display it, bringing a regal sophistication to any space or room you wish.

Floral Monogram Engraved Initial Stemless Wine Glass

Wine glasses have always been a popular anniversary gift

The glass comes with the initial of your choice. You and your wife can enjoy a relaxing drink together with these 15-ounce stemless crystal glasses.

The design allows the rim and edge to be particularly thin despite a durable constitution, enhancing the drinking experience.

Its form is optimal for wine drinking as its large volume allows the wine to breathe and develop excellently.

Champagne Glasses

Nothing screams celebration quite better than champagne. What better way to celebrate a momentous occasion like your Crystal Anniversary than popping a bottle of champagne?

Tall and slender, the champagne glasses shine with a classic design that allows bubbles to last for longer, giving you and your wife the time you need to celebrate with your drinks at your own pace and pleasure.

The novelty comes in pairs so you and the wife can enjoy your day together. It’s the perfect gift for a couple celebrating their day with each other’s company intimately. Satisfied customers have mainly expressed their happiness with its sturdy constitution and high-quality engravement that never fades. Simple, romantic, and memorable – a fantastic anniversary gift for sure!

Novelty 15-Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

Anniversary gifts aren’t always about jewelry or shiny things. It’s also crucial that you take your wife’s interests and passions into consideration. There are a variety of things you can look into, like travel items or home decor. Either way, you have to ensure that you think about the unique things that your wife likes; you never know if the joy of acquiring a particular trinket or accessory would be more to her than receiving expensive jewelry.

Crystal Anniversary Card

True to the theme of the Crystal Anniversary, this Crystal Anniversary card celebrates 15 years of marriage. The crystal card comes with a heart gem to commemorate your 15th anniversary.

Parachute Waffle Lounge Set

Giving your wife matching loungewear is an adorable way to express your willingness to relax with her. It’s sort of like saying “I love you” without actually saying it. The Parachute Waffle Lounge Set features a crew neck pullover top and a pair of joggers in mini waffle cotton. The set comes in both men’s and women’s, so you and your wife can stay cozy as you relax together.

Vera Wang Wedgwood, Duchesse 10″ Encore Crystal Vase

This memorable novelty is the most accurate and personalizable sundial available in the world. The Apollo 15th Anniversary Sundial is a unique gift for your wife to remember your Crystal Anniversary. Provide the store with your exact location, and the experts will engineer the sundial to reflect the precise time for your location specifically. This novelty is the modernization and perfecting of an ancient mechanism.

Custom 15th Wedding Anniversary Engraved Sundial Gift

This memorable novelty is the most accurate and personalizable sundial available in the world. The Apollo 15th Anniversary Sundial is a unique gift for your wife to remember your Crystal Anniversary. Provide the store with your exact location, and the experts will engineer the sundial to reflect the precise time for your location specifically. This novelty is the modernization and perfecting of an ancient mechanism.

Clear Swarovski Heart Earrings

These dazzling handmade earrings are excellent gifts for your wife on your Crystal Anniversary. Using Crystal AB Swarovski crystal hearts, the jewelry hangs an inch from the ear wire and makes for a charming piece of jewelry thematic for the occasion. With the proper maintenance and care methods followed, the crystal in the Clear Swarovski Heart Earrings will stay clear and brilliant for years to come.

Swarovski Sparkling Dance Round Necklace

The creative geniuses designed this unique piece with the concept of ‘dancing crystals’ in mind. The Swarovski Sparkling Dance Round Necklace boasts a rose gold-plated necklace and round stone that seemingly float within the 3D cage in crystal pavé. A welcome addition to your wife’s jewelry box to bring a luxurious sparkle to the occasion.

Crystal Fireball Hoop Earrings

This product is the result of the combined sophistication of crystal and gold. The fireball hoop features crystals thematic to the 15-year anniversary and lavish 10k gold.

LEVOIT Himalayan Salt Lamp

Give any room a relaxing ambient glow with the LEVOIT Himalayan Salt Lamp. An innovation that aligns with the crystal theme of the 15-year anniversary, famous for the 100% pure kana Himalayan Salt that makes its constitution. The LEVOIT Himalayan Salt Lamp glows with a warm quality that enhances the environment it’s in, illuminating the room in two colors – pink and pink-orange.

Galway Crystal Erne Vase 

With a pattern and design inspired by a real-life river of the same name, the hands behind the majesty of the Galway Crystal Erne Vase designed the vase with the visualization of the rising County Cavan as it ripples through Fermanaghand, turning west into Donegal Bay. The robust design towers up to 30.5 cm and is 12.7 cm in diameter, a stunning piece that will add elegance to your home decor.

Waterford Elegance Champagne Belle Coupe Pair

Enjoy these pristine, refined, and hand-crafted crystal champagne glasses as you celebrate your anniversary with sparkling wine or other beverages. The crystal glasses from the Waterford Elegance Collection follow a trademarked design. The Waterford Elegance Champagne Belle Coupe Pair has a large open aperture for enhanced flavor release and a rounded form. Experts specifically designed the crystal glass this way for fuller distribution.

Godinger Dublin 5-Piece Beverage Set

Imaginative designers used a traditional starburst cut pattern for the Godinger Dublin 5-Piece Beverage Set to make it shine and sparkle. The five-piece beverage set is excellent for iced teas, juices, and punches that you may have ready for the next family outing. The set includes a crystal pitcher that can hold up to 52 oz. and four crystal highball glasses.

Olive and Piper Harriet Drops

The Olive and Piper Harriet Drops elegantly highlight glass crystals that are perfect for 15-year anniversary celebrations. Plated with 14k gold (or silver if preferred), the crystal drops dangle from the ears in dazzling fashion.

The New Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia

An excellent choice for your sophisticated, adventurous, wine-loving wife, the New Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia (2020) is the first fully updated and revised version since 2011. The book’s authors packed the book with everything there is to know about wine from geographical guides, creative processes, unique information, history, and more.

Raw Crystal Ring

This Raw Crystal Ring is a striking novelty that highlights the natural form of crystals.

Ariana Ost Aura Quartz Set of Two Coasters

Keep surfaces clean, in style, with this enchanting Ariana Ost Aura quartz Set of Two Coasters. The package comes in pairs of sophisticated semi-precious healing crystal coasters that creative geniuses from Ariana Ost elevated with an AB finish that enhances the luster and aura of the novelty.

Crystal Three Stone Lever Back Earrings

The Crystal Three Stone Lever Back Earrings is a lavishly-designed piece of jewelry that your wife will surely appreciate. Designers equipped the Crystal Three Stone Lever Back Earrings with three dazzling crystals set in fine 14k gold.

Mark & Graham Wood and Marble Appetizer Serving Platter

An impeccable match for the wife who loves to serve appetizer platters, the Mark & Graham Wood and Marble Appetizer Serving Platter is the premium choice for delivering starters to your guests. The package includes an acacia wood and marble serving platter and amazingly hand-crafted marble bowls. 

Ner Mitzvah Round Base Crystal Candlesticks, Two Pack Set

This stylish product features a pair of crystal candlestick holders that have a sleek design bedazzled by expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The crystal candlestick holders are perfect for any occasion, be it for a romantic candlelit dinner or even a wedding; this fine product by Ner Mitzvah certainly elevates the ambiance.

Homesick Let’s Toast Candle

Believe it or not, celebrations have signature scents. Aggrandize the celebration with the Homesick Let’s Toast Candle through scents that make occasions sweeter. Accompanied by a personalized note for the experience, the Homesick Let’s Toast Candle has top notes of mandarin and grapefruit, mid notes of apple and pineapple, and base notes of champagne grapes. The 13.75 oz candle burns for 60 to 80 minutes, emanating a scent that experts crafted using a natural soy wax blend, utilizing premium cotton wicks and custom fragrance oils for premier results.

Waterford Love Forever Flute Pair

Offer the best toast ever to your wife using quality champagne glasses through the Waterford Love Forever Flute Pair. Using fine crystals to create an elegant diamond-patterned design, the novelty comes in a pair of elegantly-designed flutes. One for you and one for your wife, the Waterford Love Forever Flute Pair allows you to enjoy your beloved’s company with a touch of regal sophistication.

Extreme Rocks & Fossils Extreme Amethyst Cluster

A unique gift for your nature-loving wife is the Extreme Rocks & Fossils Extreme Amethyst Cluster, a geology-themed novelty that you can use to commemorate special occasions like15-year anniversaries. The enchantingly beautiful crystal structure of the Extreme Rocks & Fossils Extreme Amethyst Cluster is thematic to Crystal Anniversaries. It is an exciting decor at home that will surely enliven conversations.

Uncommon Goods Keepsake Memory Dish

Preserve a memory forever using the Uncommon Goods Keepsake Memory Dish. Display a hand-written note, an image, or any visual memory with pride with the help of this novelty that turns moments in time into stoneware embellished with gold rims. A one-of-a-kind memento that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Crystal Beaded Necklace

Creatively aligned with the theme of the 15-year anniversary, this crystal necklace would be a memorable gift for your wife for the special occasion. The handmade necklace features an elegant Swarovski crystal, a sterling silver chain (or a 14k gold chain if preferred), and one to five pendant drops.

Personalized Champagne Flutes

Commemorative gifts for days of celebration will always be a premium choice. These personalized and stylish stemless champagne flutes come in pairs of customized novelties that will help you and your wife remember your Crystal Anniversary for years to come.

Customers engrave the stunning crystal glasses with words like “Perfect Anniversary” or other words of their choice. Designers use laser engravers for personalization, so the words never fade. The shape of these flutes allows the bubbles to stay alive for much longer to allow you and your wife to enjoy each other’s company without losing champagne quality.

3D Anniversary Engraved Crystal Photo

Capture the most important moment of your life with the 3D Anniversary Engraved Crystal Photo, a novelty that encapsulates your favorite photo in a crystal block. To symbolize an everlasting love for your wife, preserve your favorite picture together with high-quality optical crystal that can last lifetimes.

Crystal Star Map

Enjoy 400 different hand-placed Preciosa crystals as they sparkle in patterns that follow the stars in the night sky. By forwarding a time and date that you want to commemorate, the creative geniuses track down the celestial bodies above and their positions for the moment you choose. It’s the ideal gift for couples who celebrate their Crystal Anniversaries.

Crystal Ring Holder

As the heads of your own household, there will be times when you will have to use your hands for dirty jobs. Your rings, the symbol of your love, will have to step aside so you can accomplish the tasks you need to complete. The Crystal Ring Holder, aligned with the theme of the 15-year anniversary, is an excellent gift for the occasion. Through this handy gift, you and your wife will be able to keep your valuable rings clean and neat as you work on your dirty tasks.

Love Letter Bouquet

A fiery mix of texture and color, this vibrant bouquet is the perfect fit for the one who’s looking for something out of the norm this season. Cool blue tones from thistle fit perfectly alongside bursts of orange roses and bright, golden craspedia. Send this arrangement and watch sparks fly.

Swarovski Women’s Tennis Bracelet

Gold-tone plated finishing highlights a line of luxurious crystals in the Swarovski Women’s Tennis Bracelet to furnish a look with an air of glamor for all occasions. Fashion elites recognize this versatile piece of jewelry as a novelty that fits every style, ranging from charismatically formal to charmingly casual. The package includes a Swarovski tennis deluxe collection bracelet for women, a gold-toned plated chain, and white crystals that embellish the entirety of the jewelry.

Tal and Bert Succulent Geode Planter

This unique gift idea is a perfect gift for your green-thumbed wife. Combining the one-of-a-kind yet naturally elegant and raw charms of a geode and the functionality of a planter, Tal and Bert provides users with a stunning crystal-ornamented house for air plants or succulents. The fact that geodes have crystalline properties also helps it align with the theme of 15-year anniversaries.

Giftology Lismore Sugar Bud Vase

The Giftology Lismore Sugar Bud Vase is a crystal vase professionals from Waterford shaped with refined artistry and craftsmanship. The lead-crystal bud vase is pristine and flawlessly crafted by master artisans and has been loved as a treasured heirloom by families for generations.

Washable Silk Set

The perfect blend of style and comfort, the Lunya Washable Silk Set is a premium choice for your wife who loves cozy clothes. This thermoregulating product comes in a pair of premium silk tops and shorts that can keep customers cool and comfy on a day of relaxation. The Lunya Washable Silk Set comes in five different colors: otium tan, deep blue, meditative gray, immersed black, and tranquil white.

Still Life Ring (Ruby)

Following the thematic color and gemstone for crystal anniversaries, this fine minimalist ruby is a fitting gift for your wife on your 15-year anniversary. The ring features solid 14k gold and 3×2.5mm rubies in a 1mm band, a charming choice for a special day.

Rosepops The Three’s a Charm

Roses symbolize love and passion. With Rosepops The Three’s a Charm, you will be able to forward your romantic gesture to your wife through elegantly preserved roses that come in a stylish yet straightforward box. Unlike your run-off-the-mill flowers, these special roses last for a year or even longer. The ingenious developers from Rosepops designed these roses to stay fresh for a long time and help you remember and enjoy the best times of your life.

Babeina Ruby Heart Necklace

The unique and versatile design features a bold red heart-shaped gemstone set in a delicate choker, adding a touch of elegance and charm to any outfit. Perfect for dressing up for a special occasion or adding a pop of color to your everyday look, this Ruby Heart Choker is a timeless accessory that is sure to impress.

Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs Gift Set

Give your wife the gift of wellness with this Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs Gift Set. Help the love of your life relax and alleviate stress through bath bombs that utilize the best ingredients like essential oils, Epsom salt, detoxifying clays, and lavish butter that create healthy and soothing bath times.

BANBERRY DESIGNS Roses – Crystal Red Rose in Glass Vase

Red Roses are flowers that people associate with 15-year anniversaries. With the BANBERRY DESIGNS Roses – Crystal Red Rose in Glass Vase, give yourself and your wife a reminder of your crystal anniversary that will last lifetimes. Standing eight inches high, the glass rose towers over a mirror base. Unlike natural flowers, this glass rose will last forever.

Lifelong Heart Ring

Creatives from Swarovski designed this novelty to have a rose-gold tone plated band that curves back into itself to create the shape of a bedazzled heart. The piece of jewelry has a second band lined with brilliant elements that lead to a much bigger gem. The design creates a kaleidoscope effect that glitters glamorously.

Kendal Black Leather Jewelry Box Travel Case and Lock

Consider this incredible storage option as your crystal anniversary gift to your wife, a durable and efficient organizing solution for jewelry, travel, and security. The Black Leather Jewelry Box Travel Case and Lock has three slide-out drawers, 26 different compartments, eight necklace hooks, three large storage pouches, a pair of watch cushions, and six removable earring holders that can store up to 30 different earrings. Designers also equipped the novelty with a mirror to complete the utility in case of travel.

ZJchao Single 24K Gold Real Rose

Thematically aligned with the traditional flower for Crystal Anniversaries, this rose dipped in 24k gold can last forever. Symbolizing love and nobility, innovators from ZJchao designed the rose never to fade or deform.

Custom Photo & Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Combine your most memorable moment and your favorite song in one gift with the Custom Photo & Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print by 365Canvas. Featuring the lyrics of a song of your choosing and your most memorable photo, 365Canvas will personalize a novelty that includes customized names and dates of your choice for a memorable and ideal anniversary gift.

Everlasting Rose

Banking on the fact that the traditional flower for 15-year anniversaries is the red rose, this Everlasting Rose would be the ideal memento for an important celebration like the Crystal Anniversary. The 15th Anniversary Gift Rose comes in exquisite packaging and a stamped gift tag customized for the customers.

15th Anniversary Just Crystal Chandelier Rose

Ranging from one-stem options to 15-stem premiums, this 15th Anniversary Just Crystal Chandelier Rose is a fitting choice for Crystal Anniversaries. Manufacturers create each stemmed rose by hand to ensure quality and use brilliant leaded crystal chandeliers for refined final products.

Natural Ruby Stud Earrings

Surprise your wife with these elegant Natural Ruby Stud Earrings that feature 14k White Gold and an exquisite ruby gemstone that’s ideal for 15-year anniversary gifts. 

Waterford Crystal Lismore 4-by-6-Inch Frame 

Designers embellished this thick, premium-quality, diamond-cut Irish Waterford crystal with lead and star patterns to highlight the image the frame holds. Measuring up to seven inches wide and nine inches tall, the image has a four-inch-wide and six-inch-high area to cover.


In conclusion, reaching the 15-year Crystal Anniversary is a remarkable achievement in any couple’s journey. It’s a milestone that deserves celebration and reflection on the love and commitment that has grown over the years. Whether you choose to embrace the traditional themes of gemstones, colors, and flowers, or simply find unique and personal ways to honor this special occasion, the most important thing is to express your love and appreciation for your wife.

Remember, it’s the thought and effort you put into the celebration that truly matters. Whether it’s a heartfelt gift, a romantic gesture, or a meaningful experience together, let your wife know just how much she means to you and how grateful you are for the wonderful years you’ve shared.

As you continue your journey together, may the crystals, gemstones, and timepieces serve as reminders of the enduring love and devotion you have for each other. Cherish the memories, embrace the future, and keep nurturing the bond that has brought you this far. Cheers to 15 years of love, growth, and the many more beautiful moments that lie ahead on your incredible journey together.

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