50 Best 3rd-Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife (2023 Update)

Last Updated: May 28, 2023

So, you’re celebrating your third year of wedded bliss, huh? Well, guess what? The traditional gift for this milestone is leather. Yeah, you heard me right, leather! It’s all about durability and flexibility, symbolizing the ups and downs you’ve faced as a couple. You’ve probably gone through some tough times, but hey, what matters is how you’ve come out stronger together. So, a leather gift is like a constant reminder of your commitment to keep your relationship rock solid.

But hold up, modern couples can switch things up a bit. Instead of leather, you can go for crystal or glass. These materials represent brilliance and clarity in your relationship. Pretty cool, right?

Now, here’s the good stuff. We’ve got a whopping 50 gift ideas to help you make your third-year anniversary the bomb. Trust me, we’ve put a lot of thought into curating these ideas, and we’re always updating them based on feedback.

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Traditional Gift: Leather

Leather Bag

A timeless leather bag will always make a wonderful gift. Get her something simple that she can pair with numerous outfits.

TIP: For ideas that can’t miss, you can check out Amazon’s Most Wished For Handbags.

Large, soft pink leather Tote bag from Michael Kors

3 Year Photo Frame

A nice leather photo frame can be the perfect compliment to your main gift or an evening out for a fancy dinner.

Three Year Commemorative Frames from Bella Busta

Travel Organizer

This travel organizer keeps all your travel essentials in one place. It can hold your passport, IDs, some pocket money, cards, and even your phone essentials.

Jet Set Travel Continental from Michael Kors.

Card Case

For a wife that likes to keep it simple, this card case is elegant and has enough pockets to hold her credit cards and IDs.

Elegant Robinson Card Case by Tory Burch

Leather Song Engraving

Do you and your wife have a favorite song together? Get her your wedding song engraved in a custom frame on leather.

Personalized Leather Song Engraving by Chudoff

Leather Laptop Bags

The timeless design of this Leather Laptop Bag effortlessly transitions from professional meetings to casual outings, making it a versatile companion for any occasion. Elevate your work attire and impress with this statement piece that combines functionality and fashion in one exquisite package.


One way to support your wife is to help her get organized. This beautiful planner will help her keep track of her schedule and ideas.

Moterm Personal Planner

Lambkin Leather Jacket

If your wife has always wanted to upgrade to her winter wear, you can’t go wrong with the smell of a premium leather jacket. These light jackets are some of the most wished for by women.

Travel Tray

This travel tray is easy to unfold and keep in a travel bag. It is a great gift for a wife that loves to keep her essentials in one place.

Travel Leather Catchall Valet Tray from Kate Posh.


A leather watch is a truly timeless gift that’s both beautiful and practical.

The Reva by Tory Burch.


Its sleek design and exquisite finish make it a fashionable addition to any set of keys or bag. The sturdy metal keyring ensures secure attachment, while the compact size allows for easy storage and retrieval. Whether you’re looking for a practical solution to keep your keys organized or seeking a thoughtful gift for a loved one, this Leather Keychain offers the perfect balance of style and utility.

Leather Pouf

This leather pouf makes a great addition to your living room. It’s cute, functional, and easy to move wherever you want it to be.

Embroidered Leather Pouf, Naturel
Embroidered Leather Pouf from Casablanca Market.

Leather Roll Knife Set

If your wife loves to cook, this leather roll knife set will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Amazon.de: Cangshan: Steakmesser-Set
Cangshan 4-Piece Leather Roll Knife Set from Amazon.

Leather Couch

If your wife let’s you make furniture decisions and enjoys your taste, you might want to upgrade that hand-me-down or old couch.

Leather Heart Anniversary Card

Pour your heart out into this anniversary card that features a leather heart to symbolize your third anniversary.

personalised custom third year wedding anniversary card rustic image 1
Leather Heart Anniversary Card from Etsy.

Photo Album

If you want to take the nostalgic route, this leather photo album can be filled with the memories of your third year of marriage.

Leather photo album with Your text / Leather Anniversary Gift image 3
Leather Photo Album from Etsy

Personalized Dopp Kit

This dopp kit can be customized with your wife’s name. It’s classy and will help ensure that her toiletries stay together.

3 year anniversary gift Gift for him Husband Gift Leather image 5
Leather Dopp Kit from Etsy

Leatherette Wood Plaque

This leatherette wood plaque is customized with your wedding date and the amount of time that you’ve spent together.

3rd Anniversary Gift  Leather Anniversary Present  Third 7x9 inches
Leatherette Wood Plaque from Etsy

Wine Holder

If you want to surprise your wife with something fun, here’s a glass wine holder that we all never thought we needed until now. It’s an amazing invention that will keep your couch and carpet stain-free.

Leather Wine Holder from Amazon.

Designer Belt

This designer belt will level up your wife’s outfit and make her look effortlessly elegant.

Leather Belt from Gucci.

Beverage Sleeve Cozie

Here’s a gift that both you and your wife can enjoy — a beverage sleeve cozie. It can be used to hold a cold beer or protect her hands from hot coffee cups.

FREE Personalization Mr. and Mrs. Leather Insulated Beverage image 1
Beverage Sleeve Cozie from Etsy.

Leather Music Sheet Art

This art piece is stunning and sentimental at the same time. It may represent the music notes of your first dance together.

Leather Anniversary Custom Music Sheet.

Leather Bookmark

This leather bookmark is a simple and useful gift that may be customized to have your initials together.

Personalized leather book mark leather bookmark gift for image 2
Personalized Leather Bookmark from Etsy.

Genuine Leather Journal for the Creative Wife

For the creative wife, this genuine leather journal is perfect. It contains handmade leather with an embossed heart cover.

Premium Genuine Leather Journal from Moonster

Leather Flowers

Giving flowers will never go out of style. Make this year’s flowers unique by giving her a leather bouquet.

Leather Flowers For 3rd Wedding Anniversary image 7
Leather Flowers from Camellia Bees


If your wife is an audiophile, she will appreciate these classic headphones with a hint of leather details.

Bose SoundLink Wireless Headphones from Amazon.

Jewelry Organizer

If you like giving your wife jewelry, now is also the best time to get her an organizer for all the pieces you’ve gifted. This organizer features a leather exterior and a nicely partitioned space for storage.

Jewelry Organizer from Amazon.

Leather Desk Pad

This leather desk pad is a good addition to your wife’s home office. It creates an organized space and also protects her desk from stains.

Leather Desk Pad from Amazon.

Leather Necklace

This leather necklace is perfect for the minimalist wife.

3rd Leather Anniversary Necklace 2017 Leather Anniversary Red
Leather Necklace from Etsy

Personalized Bracelet

This personalized bracelet has a secret message engraved in its interior. It’s a piece of jewelry that she can wear every day and look at whenever she wants to remember your anniversary.

Personalized Leather Bracelet image 0
Personalized Bracelet from Etsy.

Leather Utility Belt

This beautifully detailed utility belt is perfect for themed dates and costume parties.

Leather Adventure Book from Amazon

Craft Apron

This craft apron features pockets she can use to store her DIY essentials. Pretty to look at and very functional at once.

Dense craft apron Leather apron Apron for men Personalized image 0

Duffle Bag

If your wife is always on the go, this leather duffle bag makes for a great gift idea. It’s spacious and very stylish at the same time.

Women’s Mercer Medium Duffel Bag by Michael Kors

Modern Gift: Crystal or Glass

Crystal Photo Engraving

Immortalize your favorite photo in crystal. It’s enchanting and it will last for years.

Crystal Impressions 3D Crystal Photo Gift

Crystal Glass Set

A crystal glass set will elevate your wine-drinking experience with your wife. This set features glasses that may be used for different type of beverages.

Crystal Lismore Essence Red Wine Goblets by Waterford

Crystal Wine Decanter

This crystal wine decanter will make a nice complement to any wine set.

Iceberg Crystal Wine Decanter and Aerator from Amazon

Crystal Pendant

If your wife is into crystals, this quartz pendant would be a thoughtful gift. Quartz crystals are said to enhance energies and aid in concentration and memory.

Large Lemurian Quartz Crystal Pendant Raw Gemstone Pendant image 0
Crystal Pendant from Etsy.

Crystal-Filled Pen

If your wife loves writing, this fancy pen will make writing more enjoyable. It is filled with Swarovski crystals that are just so pretty to look at.

Crystalline Nova Rollerball Pen, White, Chrome Plated - Swarovski, 5534320
Crystalline Nova Rollerball Pen from Swarovski.


This simple bracelet is beautifully adorned to make her wrist shine with every flick.

Tennis Bracelet White Rose-Gold Tone Plated from Swarovski.


If your wife is a minimalist but likes to make a subtle statement, this pair is perfect for her.

Sunglasses from Swarovski

Crystal Rose

If you don’t think a leather rose is pretty enough, this crystal rose is also a great reminder of your 3rd wedding anniversary.

Crystal Rose from DiPrago.

Crystal Earrings

These crystal earrings are sparkly but simple at the same time, making them great to pair with any outfit.

Vodka Set

If you like hosting in your home, this vodka set is a perfect addition to your glassware. It features a glass bottle paired with crystal shot glasses.

Vodka Set from Horchow.

Crystal Box

This crystal box is a nice addition to your wife’s jewelry collection. It can become a home to her most prized jewelry.

Giftology Heart Box from Harchow.

Glass Table

This stunning glass table is a unique addition to your home that your wife (and guests) will definitely appreciate.

Sidewinder Coffee Table from David Tragen.

SWAROVSKI Crystal Figurine

These modern “love bears” are a perfect reminder of your special day 3 years ago.

SWAROVSKI Kris Bear Collection

Bright Crystal by VERSACE

If your wife loves perfume, this elegant eau de toilette, Bright Crystal from Versace will definitely let her know you have great taste.

Bright Crystal by Versace

Waterford Crystal Heriloom Frame

Give your wife a frame upgrade to remember your big day. This is an easy gift you can’t go wrong with.

Wedding Heirloom 8 x 10 Frame by Waterford

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