50 Best 20 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

The 20-year mark for a couple is always a big deal. But do you know that this two-decade milestone was cold the China Anniversary? Like the Silver Anniversary on the 25th year, the Golden Anniversary on the 50th, and the Diamond on 60th or 75th year, couples celebrate the 20-year relationship with a theme – and for the 20th anniversary, it’s China.

What do you give to your special lady in such circumstances? Following the theme, China would be a tasteful option. However, there’s more to these traditional celebrations than meets the eye. Many other incredible novelties out there might be the perfect China Anniversary gift for your wife.

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Traditional and Modern 20th Anniversary Gifts

Gentlemen often thread two primary approaches to finding the perfect gift for their special ladies: the traditional and modern ways.

Traditional: China

Straightforward enough, as tradition calls 20th anniversaries the China Anniversary, people gravitate towards china in giving their spouses the ideal gifts. Tradition accepts fine china, bone china, and the more durable porcelain as excellent gifts for this momentous occasion.

So plates, vases, and jewelry that make use of china are mainstays and fixtures in 20th-anniversary gift boxes. Other fun and eccentric knickknacks are also pleasant surprises in commemorating this milestone.

Modern: Platinum

In the 21st century, men have explored other substances available in finding a fitting present for their dames. Platinum has become the new lavish subject that represents celebrating the China Anniversary in modern times.

Platinum is an elegant material; sturdier, heavier, and much denser than gold. This precious metal represents true love, purity, rarity, and strength, quintessential qualities that define eternal love. Platinum is romantic, regal, and durable, able to withstand impact better than most precious jewelry, making it an outstanding option for memorable gifts for special occasions.

Emeralds, Colors, and Other Gemstones

Tradition, however, still provides adventurous gents with many other options that align with the motif of 20th Anniversaries.


Emeralds, these green, and verdant gemstones are the prime options for gifts on China Anniversaries. People recognize these gemstones as symbols of good fortune, youth, balance, growth, peace, and foresight.

Yellow or Golden Diamond

People regard the yellow or golden diamond as the secondary gemstone of the 20th anniversary. This gemstone also has an alternate name, Canary Diamonds, and symbolizes love and devotion.

Emerald Green and White

The 20th Anniversary color is Emerald Green and White. Tradition believes that these two colors represent the 20th-anniversary gemstone, making it an impeccable choice for this occasion’s thematic colors.

Best China 20 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

A common misconception about china is that products that use this pristine material are limited to plates and other classy kitchenware. However, china is actually more versatile than most people think. While it’s true that the best china products feature plates and similar novelties, many other gift ideas may pique your attention.

Pottery Barn Aaron Probyn Bone China 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

The Pottery Barn Aaron Probyn Bone China 16-Piece Dinnerware Set is the optimal representation of the best bone china can offer. This set includes four dinner plates, four salad plates, four bowls, and four mugs, all masterfully crafted jointly with London-based designer Aaron Probyn.

Personalized Jewelry Dish

Remember this joyous movement with a unique novelty that features the thematic luxury, bone china, by personalizing it for the occasion. You can use this dashing dish for holding rings, jewelry, accessories, keys, and coins. It’s a unique addition to bedside tables, desks, and counters, elevating the room’s ambiance with its commemorative vibe.

Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano Oval Plate

The stylish Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano Oval Plate comes all the way from Italy. Handcrafted by the finest artisans the great peninsula can offer, this porcelain wonder boasts an exquisite form and design reminiscent of impressionist paintings.

Custom Memory Plate Anniversary Gift 

Preserve a memory forever and print your most precious photo on china with the Custom Memory Plate Anniversary Gift. The personalized memory plate can come with your names, the year of the celebration of whichever date your wish to include, and a photo of your choice. Preserve your most treasured moments forever with this fantastic customizable gift for your special lady.

Noritake Crestwood Platinum 50-Pc. Set, Service for Eight

This fantastic 50-piece set combines the best of both worlds in 20th anniversaries, using embossed platinum rims on every piece to accentuate and highlight the fine porcelain that constitutes each piece.

Aerin Ginger Jar Champagne Bucket

This sophisticated AERIN Ginger Jar Champagne Bucket is the product of a tremendous collaboration with the refined Aerin Lauder. The champagne bucket weaves together esthetic Chinese designs and a woven handle, creating a dramatic contrast, subscribing to her philosophies that espouse that living beautifully should be effortless.

Olivia & Oliver Harper Splatter Gold China Set in Blue

The Olivia & Oliver Harper Splatter Gold China Set in Blue charmingly captured the contrasting essence of playfulness and refinement with shimmering splash patterns on glimmering gold rims on pristine white bone china. Sleek, enchanting, and chic, the collection is art in motion.

Versace La Scala del Palazzo Mug

Aligned with the thematic colors of a 20th anniversary, the Versace La Scala del Palazzo Mug adorns a relaxing green accentuated by gold tones. This lavish gift will have the love of your life enjoying a soothing and warm beverage in a delicately-designed novelty that brings an air of luxury to tables everywhere.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Polka Rose Collection

Unleash your inner Bridgerton with the Royal Albert Old Country Roses Polka Rose Collection, a tea set enriched by a whimsical design and playfully patterned with Polka Roses. The bone china is fitted with dainty spots and banded with gold, featuring a form with ruffled edges and skillfully shaped accents.

Vista Allegre Emerald Five-Piece Place Setting

The Vista Allegre Emerald Five-Piece Place Setting features polished patterns and intricate geometric shapes and designs prominently remembered as the peak aesthetic of the golden era of the Art Deco movement. The Emerald Dinner set is a marriage of the core of 20th-anniversary themes. Sharp craftsmen embellished the china with masterfully-composed gold and dark green enrichments to reenvision excess into elegance.

Suzanne Pollack Happily Ever After Platter

When excitement and love begin to transcend words, it can be hard to find a gift that can communicate the love you have for your wife. Through the Happily Ever Platters, Suzanne Pollack made it her mission to help you express these emotions for you. Her inspirational and touching design highlights the couple’s names, a date of your choice, the phrase “and they lived happily ever” at the top, and an adorable drawing of husband and wife (which may be switched with homogenous illustrations if preferred), on a rustic plate made from Italy.

Mikasa Parchment Service For Eight

This porcelain set features soft platinum patterned accents that highlight the pristine wares. Seasoned craftsmen elegantly lined the Mikasa Parchment Service For Eight with a gray border that delicately contrasts with the clean and incredible vastness of the dinner plates, rim soup bowls, salad plates, teacups, and saucers that come with the set.

Feldspar Set Of Four Painted-Rim Fine China Ice Cream Bowls

Surprise your wife with an ice cream party with the Feldspar Set Of Four Painted-Rim Fine China Ice Cream Bowls, high-quality fine china handcrafted in the United Kingdom. The four-piece set features trademarked cobalt-blue rims, finished with a signature dimpled texture. Experts handcrafted the product from fine bone china through time-honored traditional methods for a rustic and clear quality.

Wedgewood Gio Set Of Four Bone China Dip Bowls

The Wedgewood Gio Set Of Four Bone China Dip Bowls features a distinct texture engraved on the mass of fine white bone china. It’s an elegant and versatile choice for sauces, snacks, and dips. It is appropriate for servicing both casual gatherings or more formal occasions.

Bernardaud Kintsugi Charbon Coupe Salad Plate

Utilizing unique materials like coal-black lacquer and 24k gold on fine porcelain, the Bernardaud Kintsugi Charbon Coupe Salad Plate is an artistic revelation. This captivatingly enchanting design bears inspiration from Kintsugi, a 16th-century Japanese art technique of restoring ceramics through visually visible repairs. This ancient art uses lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum for reparations.

Jonathan Adler 1948° Sugar Bowl

Creative innovators behind this Jonathan Adler classic named this piece after the temperature at which gold melts. The playful splatter design is a stark contrast to the clear and pristine clarity of the porcelain body. Designers used authentic gold to provide this pleasing novelty with vivacious effects.

Wedgwood Cuckoo Collection

Imaginative hands adorned the Wedgwood Cuckoo Collection with a lively design that can easily brighten your wife’s afternoon tea. Reminiscent of the freshness of the morning spring, the Wedgwood Cuckoo Collection features blossoming floral and bird designs. Gold lines the rims of each inclusion, enriching the collection’s overall form.

Audubon Bone China Balsamic Patchouli and Musk Candle 650g

It’s a feast for the senses with the Audubon Bone China Balsamic Patchouli and Musk Candle 650g. Blazoned with an exotic and exquisite design, this gift idea is not only visually dashing but also uplifting for the olfactory senses. The scent envelops rooms with aromas emboldened by patchouli essential oils and geranium, set on a woody, musky base.

Larabee Road Gold Collection

Take your table setting to the next level with the chic Kate Spade New York’s Larabee Road Gold Dinnerware, a collection of bone china wares ornamented with 24k gold banding and polka dots. The charming design brings a playful yet elegant touch to the fine dining experience.

Limoges Porcelain Bracelets

These handmade and handpainted porcelain novelties are sophisticated and classy. The Scully and Scully exclusive Limoges Porcelain Bracelets feature exceptional-quality silver and 24k gold accents. Straight from the City of Lights, these accessories enliven any outfit for any occasion.

Ralph Lauren Wyatt Two-Piece Cheeseboard & Knife Set

Perfect for the special ladies who love their cheese, the Ralph Lauren Wyatt Two-Piece Cheeseboard & Knife Set is an impeccable choice as a China Anniversary Gift. The vast and spacious cheeseboard boasts an immaculate surface. A saddle leather handle accents the pristine cheeseboard and complements a whetted stainless still knife.

Lito Gold-Plated Porcelain Marble Vanity Mirror

The Lito Gold-Plated Porcelain Marble Vanity Mirror is an inventive novelty that combines form and function. Designed in collaboration with Lito Karakostanoglou, this masterpiece takes the shape of a protective eye talisman. The Lito Gold-Plated Porcelain Marble Vanity Mirror features a gold-tone framed two-sided mirror that towers over a sturdy marble stand. The reverse side of the mirror magnifies the image it reflects and is an excellent utility for your wife.

Herend Rothschild Bird Teacup

This stunning teacup is the prime manifestation of porcelain perfection. Handcrafted and handpainted in Hungary, the Herend Rothschild Bird Teacup benefits from timeless Herend craftsmanship and artistry. The classy teacup can handle eight ounces of liquid as a novelty that’s more than just looks.

Pangu Handmade Eight-Piece Dinnerware Set

Glazed in a shadow green coat, artisans behind the Pangu Handmade Eight-Piece Dinnerware Set crafted the product with special authentic Jingdezhen Porcelain. Fired at extremely high temperatures, the dinnerware set is robust and sturdy, able to serve guests and diners daily.

Best Platinum 20 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

The elegance and value of platinum are not limited to just jewelry. As a solid and enduring material, platinum may also serve a purpose in a variety of other products and gifts. Still, of course, in the context of a romantic occasion, platinum is a widely prominent choice for jewelry.

Platinum-Dipped Rose With Leather Case

The folks at The Eternity Rose cultivate these platinum-dipped roses right at their own nurseries. After handpicking the best their special flower beds have to offer, the roses are dipped in pure platinum to preserve and enrich their beauty for a lifetime. The team at The Eternity Rose sends the exquisite novelty to you and your wife in a dashing leather and navy velvet case, complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Medium Shimmer Cut Hoop Earrings

The pattern these platinum hoop earrings come in reflects light in a way that it sparkles from afar. The charmingly textured Medium Shimmer Cut Hoop Earrings are perfect for everyday use as their size fits any occasion.

Personalized Metallic LP Record

You hit platinum! Commemorate this particular time in your lives with an authentic and personalized vinyl LP. With the help of the imaginative artist Jeff Davis, you can hang the platinum record up on your wall using a stylish floating frame. You can customize the name of the record and include up to five songs that resonate with your and your wife’s 20-year relationship.

Living Gold Real Rose Dipped in Platinum

Flowers will never go out of style, especially if you preserve their beauty in lacquer and enrich it further with platinum lining. This novelty stands 12 inches tall and features an absolutely gorgeous platinum trim. The team from Living Gold sends the product to their customers in a charming red box to match the special occasions.

Bead Ball Stud Earrings

These classic Bead Ball Stud Earrings are pure, unadulterated authentic 950 platinum. Refined, pure, and straightforward, these polished spheres are lightweight and versatile. Its pure and immaculate charm makes it a viable choice for any event, occasion, or celebration.

16″ Infinity Necklace

With a 950 platinum infinity symbol right at the center of attention, this necklace is an excellent 20th-anniversary gift for your wife. This symbol signifies eternity, often associated with lasting love and an enduring relationship. The dainty emblem hangs by a 16-inch cable chain equipped with a lobster claw clasp for a snug fit that allows this piece of jewelry to be appropriate for any occasion.

GOLDSMITHS Platinum 0.12 Carat Brilliant Cut Half Eternity Ring

Give this platinum ring to your wife so you can remind her how much you love her every day. The GOLDSMITHS Eternity Ring features a total weight of 0.12 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds that designers positioned in a Channel setting. This gorgeous ring would make the perfect gift for your wife on your 20th anniversary as it follows the theme flawlessly.

GOLDSMITHS Platinum 0.25cttw Goldsmiths Brightest Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Simple yet stylish, GOLDSMITHS refers to the Platinum Solitare Pendant as “the epitome of effortless elegance and understated-luxe.” This dazzling piece of jewelry boasts a 0.25-carat brilliant-cut diamond that hangs from an ageless platinum chain. Luxurious and exquisite, the Platinum Solitare Pendant is surely a head-turner wherever you go.

Snow White Platinum Rose by Living Gold – Real Rose Dipped in Platinum

Express your love for your special lady with the Snow White Platinum Rose by Living Gold – Real Rose Dipped in Platinum, a 12-inch rose preserved in lacquer with platinum-plated trim. Cultivated in a special garden and handpicked at their prime, these roses are fresh at the peak of their beauty before going through a 6-month process of preservation and beautification. The result is art in motion, a symbol of love that lasts forever.

Garland Bead Bracelet in Platinum 

The Garland Bead Bracelet in Platinum accents a sophisticated design that highlights beads of 950 platinum that sparkle and shimmer as they reflect light. Three different platinum bead chains intertwine to create an elegant braid of precious metals. For a secure fit, designers equipped the bracelet with a lobster claw clasp for better mobility and freedom in movement.

Classic Wedding Band in Platinum (4mm)

Twenty years after your wedding, it might be time to renew your wedding bands. This classic wedding band from Blue Nile would be a perfect choice. While these elegant pieces of jewelry come in 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold, and 14k Yellow Gold as well, the platinum variety would be a perfect choice for renewing wedding bands on the 20th anniversary.

LAFONN Classic Crossover Ring

Its complex form alone is enough to tell that the LAFONN Classic Crossover Ring is no ordinary piece of jewelry. Slender bands intertwine, creating a sleek modern design that highlights 39 different simulated diamonds.

Cross Necklace

This handmade jewelry comes in six different varieties: gold, platinum, rose gold, silver, and stone. However, for your China Anniversary, the platinum cross necklace would follow the theme perfectly. The necklaces come with excellent quality cubic zirconia and are highly affordable.

Platinum Chain Necklace

Coming straight from Italy, this Platinum Chain Necklace is reminiscent of vintage fashion from the 1980s. The bright cut and fine curb link chain measure about 1.25mm in width, is 18 inches long, and bars about 3.13 grams. Designers made this novelty from platinum 950.

Solid Platinum Ruby Stacking Ring

Combining the charms of three different luxury materials, platinum, rubies, and diamonds, the Solid Platinum Ruby Stacking Ring is a premier choice for a 20th-anniversary gift. The designers used platinum on the bands to highlight the beautiful mesh of ruby and natural diamond as the novelty’s centerpiece.

Best Emerald 20 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

Emeralds are highly durable gemstones that symbolize love, healing, and growth. While jewelry certainly isn’t the end-all-be-all of emerald-based anniversary gifts, they are assuredly the prime choices in scouting for the best 20th-anniversary gifts for gent’s special ladies.

Emerald and Pavé Diamond Halo Earrings

Wow the love of your life with the Emerald and Pavé Diamond Halo Earrings, a brilliantly-designed ensemble of 18k White Gold and diamonds that highlight an enormous emerald centerpiece. Each component of this sophisticated masterpiece benefits from rhodium plating that enriches its form.

Aiyana Emerald Round Eternity Ring

The Aiyana Emerald Round Eternity Ring is an eternity ring with a reverse culet, round-cut emeralds that designers exceptionally crafted to be feminine yet bold. The band is about three millimeters wide. The 14k yellow bands highlight the fine emeralds to complete a lavish aesthetic your wife will love.

Emerald and Diamond Three-Stone Ring

The Emerald and Diamond Three-Stone Ring features three exquisite emeralds highlighted by lustrous rows of diamonds. This three-headed majesty is set in 14k white gold, perfectly emphasizing the components like an impeccable crown.

Lab-Created Emerald Line Bolo Bracelet in Sterling Silver – 9.5″

Lined with a row of fine emeralds, the Lab-Created Emerald Line Bolo Bracelet in Sterling Silver – 9.5″ is a dazzling piece of jewelry crafted in sterling silver. The verdant stones are unique, which professionals created in a lab to attain a brilliant luster. Secure and adjustable, the Lab-Created Emerald Line Bolo Bracelet in Sterling Silver – 9.5″ is fastened by a bolo clasp and ball ends.

Emerald and Diamond Graduated Curve Bracelet in 14k White Gold

Set in 14k White Gold, emeralds and diamonds follow an alternating pattern of lustrous gems, bringing out the best of each other’s qualities through strikingly charming contrast. The delicate cable chain is easily adjustable in length thanks to a lobster claw clasp that allows security in mobility.

Jade Jagger Diamond, Emerald & 18kt Gold Ring

Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco movement, this pristine 18kt gold ring features a colossal gold band adorned by 0.71-carat emeralds and a 0.51-carat diamond. These masterpieces come straight from the label’s workshop in Jaipur, benefitting from seasoned craftsmen who have mastered caliber-cutting.

By Pariah Recycled Gold Vermeil, Emerald, and Garnet Necklace

This piece of jewelry is an exciting gift idea for your nature-loving wife as experts crafted the By Pariah Recycled Gold Vermeil, Emerald, and Garnet Necklace with raw natural materials, recycled gold vermeil, and rich emerald beads. Tales have said that this novelty brings peace, wisdom, and patience to those who wear it.

Emerald Flat Sphere Studs

Stories say emeralds boost people’s confidence. The Emerald Flat Sphere Studs follow a design that Cleopatra and the Roman Goddess Venus loved. Set in 14k gold, these Emerald Flat Sphere Studs feature a desirable combination of gold and emerald. A match made in heaven.

Small Emerald Nona Earrings

The Small Emerald Nona Earrings feature a decadent 22-karat yellow gold hardware that highlights a lavish pair of pear-cut emeralds. Experts crafted this piece of jewelry with a total of 0.50 moonstone carat weight, an indulgent masterpiece that would turn heads wherever you go.

Yvonne Léon Emerald & 18kt Gold Bracelet

Furnished with a vibrant 0.8-carat oval-cut emerald, the Yvonne Léon Emerald & 18kt Gold Bracelet is a bedazzled piece-de-resistance that seasoned craftsmen made from 18kt gold. The novelty features a striking asymmetric design of varied chains that are half small and round and half elongated links. A perfect gift for a special occasion like your China Anniversary that will last a lifetime.

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