50 Best 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

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Your 5th anniversary is coming up, and I know you want to make it memorable. Whether you are planning to have a simple or extravagant celebration, a thoughtful gift will be special. With attention to detail, your wife can appreciate even an unexceptional gift.

Gift ideas for anniversaries can be difficult to come up with at times. Each anniversary has a theme linked with it. If you’re still unsure what to get your wife, here are some of the superb suggestions!

Traditional Gifts

The traditional gift is Wood for the fifth anniversary of a relationship, which symbolizes solid roots and a long-term commitment.

You might think that Wood would not be appealing as an anniversary gift, but have a look at these creative gift ideas fashioned from Wood.

Wood Coffee Table

Known for its durability, Walnut Wood serves as the primary material for this piece. Buying a coffee table for your wife will be a fantastic option because who doesn’t enjoy spending mornings on the couch, conversing, and enjoying a cup of coffee?

Wooden Massage and Reflexology Kit

This kit is an ideal anniversary present as it has everything your wife will need to have a night and day of relaxation! The set contains a loofah, massage comb, reflexology wood stick, scented candles, shower gel, and bubble baths to promote total body relaxation and to soothe, moisturize, and soften skin.

Wood Storage Box

Crafted Wooden Box made of excellent oak wood with long-lasting hinges and an antique brass clasp. This commemorative box is meant to give a dash of elegance and sophistication to your home or office.

Moon Phase Shelf Set

This piece is an addition to your wife’s favorite wall on the house! This self is perfect for storage, display, and decor, which most women love. This eye-catching moon-shelf display set is sure to impress.

Wooden Watch

Zebrawood has been hand-polished to a mirror-like shine for this stunning item. Your lady will love this timepiece because of its distinctive design, which not only complements the theme but also her favorite accessories.

GIFTAGIRL Fun Wine Gifts

“How my wife tells me time.” This wooden wine and mug rack may be a little out of the ordinary, but it is an excellent gift for the wine and coffee lover in your life.

Plant Shelves

You can’t go wrong with these shelves for your plant-obsessed wife! The plant stand is composed of high-quality Wood that has been carbonized at a high temperature, making it highly durable.

Charcuterie Board

Everybody loves a good cheese and wine night. Your wife would love this for fancy and romantic nights at home! Made with Acacia wood, it has been hailed as the most robust and most durable Wood on the market for food preparation surfaces.

Wooden Cuff Bracelet

In keeping with your five-year anniversary motif, get her something stylish. It’s impossible not to feel bohemian chic when wearing this wooden cuff. If you give your wife this cuff for her fifth wedding anniversary, she’ll remember you every time she puts it on.

Bamworld Coat Rack Shoe Bench

You know how important it is for women to have a bench to use and store their heels. A three-in-one piece of furniture is ideal for your wife. In addition, the furniture’s fashionable design is a visual treat for the eyes.

Modern Gifts

“Each year, love is a timeless treasure to be cherished, a treasure trove of golden memories, and life’s most cherished keepsake.”

According to gift-giving suggestions, silverware, a sign of strength and purity, has been chosen as a contemporary motif for the fifth anniversary. This fifth-anniversary gift also evokes memories of loved ones gathering to share a meal and their families.

Darcy Gem Hurricane Candle Holder

This elegant candle holder is ideal for setting the mood and is a stunning addition to any room. IIts details are exquisite and unmistakably eye-catching.

Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

For a romantic touch, this natural rose is an excellent choice. A real rose encased in fine silver, one of the most enduring symbols of love and commitment.

Milestone Necklace

A single cultured emerald-cut birthstone is set in a modern-looking shaped bar. A special date or name can be inscribed on this necklace to make it one-of-a-kind. You can present this to her as an anniversary gift to show her how much you know and cherish their entire existence.

Silver Chopsticks

These chopsticks can be personalized by laser engraving. These chopsticks come with a bamboo gift box for keepsake, making it more unique.

Coffee Engraved Spoon

It’s impossible to go wrong with a gag present. If you’re looking for something more sentimental, consider other engraved spoons from their collection, including various designs.

Skin Gym Face Sculptor Beauty Roller

With a thorough kneading action that helps sculpt your features and rejuvenate your complexion, this tool replicates the motions of a professional face massage with an aluminum construction that is both robust and light.

Luxie Stardust Brush Set

Aside from being luxurious, Luxie’s vegan and cruelty-free makeup brushes are also highly effective. As a gift for your busy wife, this set comes with six brushes and a convenient travel case. Silver with a hint of shine is the color scheme chosen to represent the sophisticated side of women.

Eternity Band Ring

An eternal tribute to nature’s rainbows, the Eternity Ring by Noemi features an array of beautiful gemstones ringing the band. Pink, orange, blue and green sapphires, and diamonds make this one-of-a-kind ring stand out on its own, but it also complements other stacking rings.

Veja Campo Leather Sneakers

Organic cotton and recycled polyester insole together with chrome-free leather create a pair of shoes that are both environmentally friendly and stylish. These sneakers, with their silver shiny tint, are sure to make your wife feel like a million bucks!

Real Preserved Rose

Fresh flowers are used to create the perpetual rose, which means that it will not fade, will not require watering or pollen, and can last for up to five years. The gift box can be used as jewelry or ring boxes, making them an attractive and luxury gift option.

Beauty & Wellness Gift Ideas

Monogrammed Towel

Adding a unique touch to your bathroom decor is easy with these monogrammed towels that are timeless and stylish. A very soft towel is embroidered with a script letter in remarkable detail.

Personal Concrete Fireplace

Built from durable concrete, it’s perfect for setting the mood or roasting some s’mores, of course. It’s calming to create a cozy ambiance using this miniature fireplace.

Hanky Panky

This thong pair will make your lady feel sexy because of the fine details. Made with the cotton gusset that helps keep bacteria away, improves underwear breathability, and reduces the risk of infection.


One hundred years after its birth, N°5 holds the key to femininity that still captivates. If you’re looking for a unique gift for your lady, this perfume would be an excellent choice.

Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

This device uses ultrasonic technology to preserve their potency while dispersing them into the air when using essential oils. Its minimalist design may be used in various settings, from a nightstand to a shelf in a living room.

Himalayan Salt Oil Warmer

Using actual Himalayan salt, this lamp produces a pink glow and warms your favorite essential oil mixes for a calming aromatherapy session.

Haze Incense

Haze is Paddywax’s first incense collection. A must-have fragrance, Haze includes both an incense burner and a beautiful glass container for it! The flameless aroma and 50+ hours of burn time make this a terrific way to freshen up any area.

Realm Bowl

This collection by Paddywax is both bright and cheery at the same time. Incorporating a wide range of shapes and colors adds visual interest to your interiors.

Slip Silk Pillowcase

This silk pillowcase protects delicate skin and hair from scratches, creases, and tugging. Additionally, this exquisite silk pillowcase ensures restorative beauty sleep and reduces split ends.

Facial Massager

Three-in-one gadget combines gua sha and modern technology to enhance face massage with pulsating vibrations, purifying heat, and collagen-stimulating red LED light. All three modes can be used together for robust yet tailored therapy.

Personalized Gift Ideas

Handwritten Message Cuff

This message cuff is a great way to make your lady feel special whenever they look down. You can personalize this cuff with a statement that you want to tell your wife every day.

Initial Pendant Necklace

Roberto Coin’s Tiny Treasures collection includes this initial diamond necklace with a ruby accent. Every detail of the design shows incredible attention to detail when it comes to the initial necklaces.

Initial Square Box of Roses

This initial rose box will make your anniversary flowers even more unique. After five years, the personalized touch is sure to make your wife’s heart beat faster. You are free to choose any hue you like.

Monogrammed Gift Tote Bag

The bag can stand on its own and includes a built-in PE board bottom to protect your items. The bag’s classic look is enhanced by the use of high-density embroidery and two-tone stitching.

Glass Coffee Mug

Intricate 3D images of butterflies and red roses decorate the enameled glass cup. It’s a classic yet elegant style that’s both practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the cup’s translucent and shimmering glass substance.

Monogram Engraved Wine Glass

This gorgeous personalized clear wine glass will add a little glitter to your wife’s glassware collection. With a little bit of personalization, your wife will feel like the star of the show on a wine-themed date night.

New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

It’s the perfect way to remember all the years you’ve spent together, from the day you said “I do” to the most recent anniversary. As you celebrate each anniversary, you’ll be able to see the most important news stories of the time.

You or your loved ones can personalize this hardbound book by having your names or the names of your loved ones stamped in exquisite gold.

Wedding Waltz Personalized Art

For each poster, Alexander inserts specific details such as the place, city, date, names of both parties, and the color of their tresses. This creative present captures the couple’s rendition of their fairy tale while providing them with a fashionable and amusing piece of art to recall the day’s excitement with every passing gaze.

Anniversary Stone Necklace

In the shape of an arrowhead, this unique piece of jewelry symbolizes your lifelong bond. To commemorate the occasion, you can pick from a wide range of important anniversary dates and gemstones. This item is only available from RedEnvelope.

Initial Ceramic Catchall Set

These attractive catchalls will help keep everyone and your home organized and tidy by storing your keys, phones, jewelry, and more. Elegant in any part of the house because of its softly flowing shape and appealing hand-crafted appearance.

Luxury Gift Ideas

53MM Colorblocked Arm Cat Eye Sunglasses

This two-tone cat-eye shape is an excellent accessory for both summer and your wife’s wardrobe if your wife is always on the run. No doubt that they need these stylish sunglasses.

Clarita Sneaker

It’s hard to go wrong with the Clarita Sneaker. This sport-luxe style is expertly fashioned from smooth leather with a trademark bow in the front and center. They have a flat rubber sole, making them easy to walk in and great for travel and weekend activities.

Blue Sapphire Teardrop Pendant with Diamond

A pear-shaped sapphire is set in a prong setting in this timeless solitaire pendant. Diamonds adorn the blue gemstone, enhancing the piece’s appeal. This 14k white gold pendant features a dazzling v-bale of sapphires.

Vintage-Inspired Dangling Trillion Tanzanite Earrings

Blue is one that also symbolizes the 5th anniversary. This pair of tanzanite earrings has a retro vibe to them, but they’re also very on-trend.

Tanzanite and diamonds adorn each jewelry made of yellow gold and set in an 18K yellow gold double claw setting. Bezel set diamonds and prong set diamonds on the lever back offer a dash of sophistication.

Oval Tanzanite Ring

A dazzling halo of round diamonds surrounds oval tanzanite. Diamantes adorn prong settings that hold a vivid blue-purple gemstone in place. This 14k white gold ring with a tanzanite sunflower is a stunning piece of jewelry.

Reversible Monogram Linen Bucket Hat

This reversible bucket hat from Balmain is made of linen and cotton and decorated with the brand’s trademark monogram. Make your wife’s clothing stand out by adding this bucket hat piece.

Bubble Box 6-Piece Glass Set

With six distinct designs, this collection of lovely glasses will complement her other glassware. Its complex shapes amplified the experience of drinking. Date nights with your wife will take on a more exquisite feel.

Vera Wang Princess

A classic gift that never fails to impress your loved one. It’s a beautiful combination of oriental vanilla gourmand blend with Tahitian Tiare flower, Lady apple, vanilla, and amber. A spritz of this enticing scent will embody the playfulness of your partner.

Pave Heart Pendant Necklace

This is a perfect, fancy gift for your fancy wife. This hear-shaped 18-karat gold is filled with diamonds. Diamond is famously known as the symbol of eternal love and devotion. Besides its representation, this necklace is a rare gem that will last for decades.

Velvet Lipstick Case

This is a gift that will complement your wife’s fashion and beauty. It’s a case that turns your lipstick into a luxurious item. It is eco-designed by Parisian jeweler Lorenz Bäumer. It’s stylish and will complement any outfit or occasion.

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