What To Wear To A Baseball Game

Baseball is one of America’s most popular sports. Attending a baseball match can be a truly thrilling occasion. A lot of men dream of watching one of their favorite teams playing in a stadium.

However, some guys may be unsure as to what to wear to a baseball game. If you are in this situation, fear not! We are here to provide some much-needed fashion advice. 

What To Wear To A Baseball Game

Baseball Jersey

When it comes to baseball, jerseys are a must-have. Worn by players and those associated with baseball, jerseys are an obvious choice to wear to a game.

You can wear the jersey that is associated with your team. In terms of colors, lighter tones will be better. The reason for this is that they will not absorb as much heat.

You can wear layers on top of your jersey if you so wish. You can also wear a jersey over another wardrobe item, such as a hoodie or jumper, if you are feeling a bit chilly. If you plan on doing this, it may be a good idea to contrast the color of your jersey with the underlayer color.


T-shirts will also be ideal for baseball games. You can wear long or short-sleeved options depending on your preference or the temperature.

Neutral colors, such as white, will always look great and will match most outfits. Sleeveless options may also be considered on particularly hot days. 

Polo Shirt

If you are aiming for a more formal look, you may be interested in wearing a polo shirt. You can pretty much wear whatever color polo shirt you wish, though greens, reds, blues, and whites will match most outfits.

It is not advised that you pair your polo shirt with trousers, as this will make your outfit look too formal for a baseball game. Instead, it is better to wear a polo shirt with jeans or shorts. 


If you are feeling cold and want to create a casual style, hoodies will be an excellent choice for watching baseball. They provide warmth and comfort. If you are wearing a hoodie, be sure to match it with the jogging bottoms.

Failing to stick to this rule may cause your outfit to look mismatched. As mentioned earlier, if you are planning on proudly displaying your team on your jersey, you can wear this over your hoodie. 


You should only wear jackets on cold or rainy days. Otherwise, you will overheat while you are watching the baseball game. In terms of what style jacket you should wear, bomber or varsity jackets will be advised.

These jackets look stylish and will provide a little added warmth. Yet, they will not be too stylish. These jackets can also be matched with a wide range of baseball outfits, making them quite versatile.

On colder days, you may want to wear a thick or waterproof jacket, such as a puffer jacket. 


Jeans are versatile options for baseball games. They will instantly make your outfit seem more relaxed yet stylish. Blue, black, or grey jeans will be the best. These colors will adapt to suit most outfits.

You may not want to wear jeans if it is warm, particularly if they are skinny jeans. Jeans with rips or tears will help if you are aiming for a more modern and cool appearance. 

Jogging bottoms

Jogging bottoms are an essential piece of clothing among sports players. You can choose a skinny or baggy option depending on which one you find more comfortable and stylish.

In terms of colors, you are free to choose whichever you want. However, it may be a good idea to contrast it with your jersey or T-shirt. Grey and black jogging bottoms will suit most looks. 


On a hot and sunny day, you will not want to wear jeans or jogging bottoms. Shorts will be a better alternative for this weather. They will give your legs the chance to breathe.

In terms of colors, it will be a good idea to find tones that compliment the rest of your outfit. However, blue, black, red, and brown are fairly standard colors for shorts. 

Baseball Game Fans
Baseball game fans


When watching baseball, it will be a good idea to don a more casual pair of trainers. Trainers designed for sports will be ideal. This will help if you are going for a more athletic aesthetic.

White trainers are timeless, though you may also want to experiment with matching the color of your shoes to that of your jersey or favorite baseball team. However, you might also want to consider getting canvas strainers.

Formal shoes should be avoided at these games, as they will stand out as being too official. 


It will be important to wear accessories that suit the weather. If it is a sunny day, you may want to wear sunglasses. These will protect your eyes from the light. In addition, they can make you look super cool.

You may also want to wear a hat. A baseball cap will be the most obvious choice. They look awesome on most guys and are baseball staples.

This will also provide your face with some shade. Not to mention, wearing a cap means that you do not have to worry about doing your hair. This will be great for guys who just can not be bothered to style their hair all the time. 

For colder weather, you may want to go for a beanie hat or trapper hat.

These hats will do an excellent job of keeping your head warm. In this weather, you may also want to bring a scarf and a pair of gloves with you.

These items will warm you up. You may even be able to find a scarf that is decorated with the name and logo of your favorite baseball team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you wear with a baseball jersey?

Baseball jerseys can be matched with most outfits. However, a good outline to have is to pair a jersey with jeans/ shorts, white trainers, and a baseball cap.

You may want to avoid jackets if you plan on wearing a jersey, as these will cover your jersey and prevent the name of your team from being discernible. 

Why do baseball players wear long sleeves?

To some, it might sound odd that most baseball players wear long-sleeved shirts or jerseys. While these sleeves can provide warmth, you may think that they are a hindrance in the heat.

However, these long sleeves actually provide protection to the arm. These shirts can compress muscles to lower the chances of them becoming injured. 

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right choice of clothing when going to a baseball game can be tricky. However, if you fail to prepare, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable.

This may not only be because you have not made the most fashionable choices, but also the most practical. If you wear too many layers, you will become too hot and sweaty.

If you do not wear enough, you will be cold throughout the game.

As a result, you should formulate the ideal outfit for a baseball game by following the above advice. 

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