Unique Kettlebells for Sale That Will Also Earn You Style Points

While they’ve been around for quite some time, it seems as though kettlebells are all the rage now. Initially developed in the late 1800s by Vladislav Kraevsyk – a Russian physician who popularized the multifaceted hunks of cast iron for Olympic weight lifters – they have come back into favor with a vengeance.  Pavel Tsatsouline (or just Pavel) brought about their resurgence and popularized them again in the late ’90s. Add the rise of CrossFit injected with a bit of Joe Rogan hype, and they’ve become a staple in most gyms today. 

The rise of kettlebells

There are thousands of articles dedicated to the functional benefits of kettlebells and over one hundred original exercises. But we won’t be discussing these today. Nope, we’re talking about how boring they look. 

Great for the gym but not so much for your living room.

Sure, you want that cold hard cast iron bruising your wrists when you’re making gains, but with more people working (and working out) from home than ever, you might want to upgrade your trusty bells to something with a little more style.

Here are our top kettlebells that even Don Draper would be happy to showcase in his Madison Ave corner office:

1. The Concrete Kettlebell from theRMKlab

These handmade beauties crafted in Italy are “made to celebrate unique lifestyles,” according to theRMKlab (who appears on this list more than once). But if you want to up your kettlebell game, you will have to be willing to shell out the money as these retail for $300 plus. These are as much of a statement piece as they are workout equipment.

2. Leather “SwingBells” from NoHrD

These gorgeous wood and leather finish “SwingBells” are a perfect complement to a home gym or home office. The leather sacks are filled with iron granules which constantly shift during workouts, giving an added layer of challenge to your strength regimen. Sets are also available in ash (as seen above), cherry, and walnut.

3. The Burden Leather Kettlebell

If your tastes are more of the roughneck, made in The U.S. of A., take no B.S. kind, this is the kettlebell for you. The Burden is the ingenious invention from the personification of badass, Jocko Wilink (author, Navy Seal, and podcaster) and his partner Pete Roberts. Developed during the COVID-19 pandemic as the nation experienced a shortage of exercise equipment, this kettlebell has the unique ability to add more weight from sand, lead, marbles, rocks, or even $50 worth of pennies.

4. Explore the FYSIK Collection

FYSIK makes distinctive combinations of handcrafted fitness equipment using carefully chosen materials such as genuine leather, teak wood, and stainless steel. These eye-catching sets are only made to order. We wouldn’t be surprised to spot these on Bobby Axelrod’s yacht on an episode of Billions.

5. LOVA Luxury Kettlebells from PENT

When it comes to designing luxury fitness equipment, PENT is another brand that cuts no corners. Not only do they provide state of the art kettlebells, they also produce high end barbells, weight benches, medicine balls, and pull-up bars. Built with “luxury” steel and European oiled walnut wood, which provides a good grip and antibacterial properties.

6. Fine Marble Kettlebell by RMK Lab

theRMKlab makes the list again with its custom, real Carrara Marble kettlebell. These Italian marble kettlebells double as decor but they’re not just for show — you can actually exercise in style with them too. That’s one spicy kettlebell!

7. JAXJOX Digital Kettlebell

Unveiled at CES in 2019, JAXJOX’s Kettlebell Connect is the first digital kettlebell of its kind. Equipped with smart technology and accompanying apps, it also saves a ton of space as it’s actually six kettlebells in one, ranging from 12 pounds to 42 pounds. This is the perfect addition for any technophile’s home gym.

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