Ranking 50 of the Most Beautiful Cities in the World in 2022

Last Updated: June 27, 2023

Hey, guys! Let’s talk about this crazy thing we call life and how we can make the most of it. We all have our own ways of enjoying ourselves, whether it’s hanging out with friends, taking a ton of photos, or jetting off to explore the world. Thanks to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, we’re constantly being exposed to stunning cities, some of which we’ve never even heard of before.

But hey, good news! With restrictions slowly easing up worldwide, cities are becoming more accessible again. So, here’s the burning question: What’s the most beautiful city in the world?

Well, I’ve compiled a list of the top 50 cities that you should definitely keep an eye on. Mind you, though, these rankings are a bit of a dilemma for me. Every city is unique, and beauty is totally subjective. What I consider number 1 might be number 5 for you. So, take it with a grain of salt!

Oh, and by the way, if you do plan on traveling, remember to still follow some basic hygiene rules. Let’s keep ourselves and others safe.

50. Vigan, Philippines

Most Beautiful Cities: Vigan
Vigan is a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s oozing with cuisine, tradition, and history.

Kicking off our most beautiful cities, we go to the Philipines. When people think of the Philippines, the first thing that comes to their mind is Manila. However, there’s one hidden gem that’s bound to take you back hundreds of years — Vigan. It is one of the Philippines’ oldest and most unique cities. This gorgeous Spanish colonial town is lined with heritage houses, cobblestone streets, and kalesas (two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage). I’m sure you won’t run out of things to do there.

49. Cape Town, South Africa

Most Beautiful Cities: Cape Town
With its colorful houses, the Instagrammable district of Bo-Kaap is one area you should check out.

Cape Town is definitely one of the most beautiful cities you should have on your bucket list. Although it is not as famous as Johannesburg, it has as much to offer. I recommend you check out the Kirstenbosch. Like any other country, it’s normal to be anxious about your safety. When there, be sure to keep an eye on your valuables and stick to big tourist spots rather than small towns. If you’re driving, make sure to keep windows shut and doors locked when you step out.

48. Moscow, Russia

Most Beautiful Cities: Moscow
Moscow is a tourist-friendly city that has a lot of UNESCO Heritage Sites waiting to be explored.

Although it doesn’t seem like a famous tourist destination, Moscow has a lot to offer to tourists willing to take on the challenge. Since it is far too cold during winter, the best time to visit Moscow would be in early spring. But before you take that trip, there are some things you should know about first that are sure to save you from any unforeseen circumstances.

47. Paris, France

Most Beautiful Cities: Paris
Although Paris is a worldwide favorite, locals don’t often agree with this.

I know you probably expected Paris to be higher on this list, but hear me out. As much as Paris is portrayed as the City of Lights, it’s not everything it’s cut out to be. In fact, there’s even a syndrome about it called Paris Syndrome! Nonetheless, Paris is still a city filled with hidden gems that will make your trip worth it. After all, it is also called the City of Love.

46. Havana, Cuba

Most Beautiful Cities: Havana
In 1982, UNESCO declared Old Havana a World Heritage Site

If you’re looking to have that Caribbean experience, Havana is one place you should visit! One of the greatest things you’ll experience in Cuba is learning how to take life one day at a time. You’ll see kids running around the street without a care in the world and locals just coming together to sit down and spend the afternoon. At night, you’ll hear different kinds of music coming from all corners of the city. I’m sure once you leave, you’ll be aching to return.

45. Marrakesh, Morocco

Most Beautiful Cities: Marrakesh
If you give Marrakesh a chance, you might be surprised at what it has to offer.

Western media is powerful enough to change our perception about certain places, and Morocco definitely is no exception to that. People mistake Morocco for a dangerous city that targets innocent tourists, but it’s actually a misconception. Although there are challenges you will face, you shouldn’t miss out on this bustling city.

44. Cairo, Egypt

Most Beautiful Cities: Cairo
You can’t go to Egypt without visiting the city Arabs refer to as Umm al-Dunya (The Mother of the World).

Before you step on Egyptian land, you must carry some patience with you. Cairo can be loud, polluted, and congested. However, the city also has a charming vibrance to it that will make you forget everything I ever said in the first place. Plus, no British museum can ever beat the artifacts you can find in an Egyptian museum!

43. San Francisco, United States

Most Beautiful Cities: San Francisco
San Francisco is where people from all walks of life come together and live in harmony.

In San Francisco, you’ll find all kinds of people and all kinds of communities, from hippies to tech moguls, and everything else in between. Although San Francisco can be quite pricey, who’s to say you can’t explore a city on a budget? However, crime is pretty common here, so it is wise to take extra precautionary measures at all costs.

42. Shanghai, China

Most Beautiful Cities: Shanghai
Shanghai is the world’s biggest and China’s most populous city, with an estimated population of 27.7 million.

It’s a known fact that China is a very large city with a massive population. Shanghai is no exception to that, which is why you should visit! Not to worry, though, because it’s got the longest metro system in the world, making travel for tourists and residents alike much easier! You’re bound to have a great time with all the activities you can do here!

41. Cusco, Peru

Most Beautiful Cities: Cusco
The beautiful thing about Cusco is its mix of Inca customs and Spanish influences.

Cusco is a world-famous city, so it’s no surprise that it’s on this list. There’s so much beauty in the country, it’s sure to make you go, “I can’t believe how good this life is.” Though if you ever decide to go, please read up first on their history and culture so you don’t end up offending locals.

40. Athens, Greece

Most Beautiful Cities: Athens
This Greek capital is a city people know about due to its humble beginnings in Greek mythology and history.

Like a Greek myth nerd, Athens has always been a dream for me. Plus, have you tried Greek food? They’re to die for! If you’re as big of a fan, I’d say three days isn’t even enough to check out all the temples and taste the huge variety of Greek food there. Quick tip: Since Athens is flocked with tourists, you may want to check out neighborhoods that are not as crowded but still safe. It’s usually in small districts that you’ll experience what the locals do.

39. Zürich, Switzerland

Most Beautiful Cities: Zurich
Switzerland is a very safe country with reliable public transport that can get you basically anywhere.

It’s a common misconception that the capital of Switzerland is Zürich, but it’s actually not. Bern is the capital city, but Zürich is the largest and the global center for banking and finance. Although Zürich is one of the most expensive cities, that doesn’t mean there aren’t activities you can enjoy for free!

38. Riga, Latvia

Most Beautiful Cities: Riga
In 1997, UNESCO declared Riga’s Old Town a World Heritage Site.

Countries like Latvia for instance get a bad rep due to Western media, but if you gave this city a shot, it may take you by surprise. Riga is an architectural treasure with over 500 buildings that showcase different architectural styles — perfect for architecture lovers! If you want to truly feel like a local, head over to Riga’s Central Market and see the huge variety of fresh produce you can buy.

37. Bruges, Belgium

Most Beautiful Cities: Bruges
Bruges is a city that you can explore in a day, but this is also a city perfect for slowing downtime.

Belgium is a country known for its chocolate, beer, and waffles. However, there’s so much more than that, especially in Bruges! This is one city you wouldn’t mind exploring without a map. Use the Belfry tower as reference in case you’re worried about wandering too far. The best time to visit Bruges would be autumn or winter as there are fewer people, but if the crowd doesn’t bother you, summer and spring in Bruges are to die for. As for how long you should stay, that’s up to you. It’s easy to explore the city in a day, but you can slow it down and take your time, too.

36. New York City, United States

Most Beautiful Cities: New York
Twice a year, photographers gather on this street for a chance to capture what is called “Manhattanhenge” or the moment when the sun perfectly aligns with the east and west streets of Manhattan.

Ah, yes, the city that never sleeps. New York has everything you could ever need on holiday — a huge selection of food, gorgeous museums, and a wild evening out! If you’ve got lots of time to spare, try checking out these activities for a perfect, unforgettable Big Apple experience.

35. Hong Kong City, Hong Kong

Most Beautiful Cities: Hong Kong
To get the best food experience in Hong Kong, eat at the buffets to get unlimited dim sum, noodles, and much more.

In Hong Kong, you’ll never run out of food to try and places to go! From small night markets to sprawling buildings, it’s a sight you won’t ever get tired of. I recommend going sometime during late fall until winter as it gets unbearably hot and humid during the summer. Plus, hurricanes (or typhoons from that side of the world) are more common in summer.

34. London, England

Most Beautiful Cities: London
London weather is quite unpredictable, so be sure to always comes prepared.

London is one of the most famous cities in the world that is full of diversity of all sorts. What’s so great about this city is that you can experience what it felt like back in the day and also have a taste of modern-day London. If you’re on a budget, there are free activities you can do, too! Be sure to get an Oyster Card when taking public transport because that is essential.

33. Bangkok, Thailand

Most Beautiful Cities: Bangkok
The Yee Peng festival happens every November, though dates may vary, so be sure to check online for updates.

Bangkok is many things — it’s loud, crowded, colorful, and overwhelming, but it’s also unforgettable. Depending on how many days you plan on spending, there are so many places you can go see and eat. Like Hong Kong, it’s best to visit Bangkok from November to February to avoid the humidity and scorching heat.

32. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Most Beautiful Cities: Dubai
Do you see that curved building out on the sea? That’s the Burj Al Arab with 202 rooms and standing 321m tall.

Did you know the tallest building in the world is found in Dubai? That’s right! The Burj Khalifa has a total height of 829.8m (2,722 ft)! It has both vast beaches and dunes, so you won’t run out of things to try out. However, Dubai has a Muslim culture, so I recommend reading some do’s and don’ts first to avoid insulting their culture or worse, breaking the law.

31. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Most Beautiful Cities: Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh city does a great job of showcasing Vietnam’s past, present, and future, all while maintaining balance.

Pulsating with life, energy, diverse food, and culture, Ho Chi Minh, formerly Saigon, is Vietnam’s largest and one of its most beautiful cities. Walking around the city, you’ll see many dated Western buildings going all the way back to the French colonial rule, like a slowly fading memory you can’t seem to forget. The mix of the past and future is bound to leave its mark on you.

30. Odesa, Ukraine

Most Beautiful Cities: Odesa
On April Fools’ Day, Ukrainians wear silly costumes and celebrate in the city center.

Although Odesa is not Ukraine’s capital city, it still does have significance. The most ideal time to visit is sometime between June and September when the weather is much warmer. Plus, there’s so much going on during these months, you’d hate missing it! Odesa is right by the beach, too, so you can always go for a dip in the summer or check out the many bars and restaurants lining the area.

29. Istanbul, Turkey

Most Beautiful Cities: Istanbul
To this day, the country stands strong and proud despite everything it’s been through.

Istanbul is a country rich in culture and history. The most notable building is the Hagia Sophia. Back during the Byzantine era, it was a center for religious, political, and artistic life. Today, the streets are bustling with heavy traffic and countless shop sellers convincing you to have a look and maybe even make a purchase. You don’t have to worry too much about transport since there are buses, trams, and metros around the city. The city is very walkable, too!

28. Brisbane, Australia

Most Beautiful Cities: Brisbane
Brisbane is Australia’s third-largest city and offers gorgeous views and riverside settings.

In previous years, Brisbane really wasn’t on anyone’s radar. However, thanks to developments and increased tourism, more and more people are starting to appreciate Brisbane for the gem it actually is. It has subtropical weather, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy the weather no matter when you visit. I recommend visiting Lone Park Koala Sanctuary, the world’s oldest and largest koala sanctuary.

27. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Most Beautiful Cities: Kuala Lumpur
The Malaysian capital is home to the Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin towers.

Although Kuala Lumpur is relatively expensive compared to other Malaysian cities, it has everything you could ever want when on holiday — food, shopping, culture, and nightlife! There are private tours you could do that take the stress of planning away, but if you prefer to do your own thing, there are also travel guides you can check out online.

26. Chicago, United States

Most Beautiful Cities: Chicago
No matter what it is you’re interested in, you’re sure to find it in Chicago.

Chicago is the United States’ third largest city and is most famous for the big “Bean” you can find in Millenial Park. It’s also got more than 60 museums and countless places to eat! I can assure you, you won’t run out of things to do in Chicago!

25. Berlin, Germany

Most Beautiful Cities: Berlin
If you’re a fan of the night scene, Berlin is the perfect place for you to go crazy.

We’re halfway on our most beautiful cities deep dive but as the Germans say, Berlin is its own country. This German capital is a city full of history, vibrance, and life. If you’re looking to experience a crazy night out, this is the city to be. Also, it would be a crime to not have some craft beer while you’re at one of the beer capitals in the world.

24. Taipei, Taiwan

Most Beautiful Cities: Taipei
Taipei 101 used to be the tallest tower in the world and is earthquake and hurricane-proof.

You can spend months exploring Taipei, but it still won’t be enough to see everything the city has to offer. However, a week is also good enough if you want to have a taste of what this Taiwanese capital has to offer. Fun fact: the colors on the Taipei 101 Tower are used to tell you what day it is! Red means it’s Monday, orange is Tuesday, yellow means Wednesday, green means Thursday, blue means it’s Friday, indigo means Saturday, and violet means Sunday.

23. Palermo, Italy

Most Beautiful Cities: Palermo
In 2018, Palermo officially became the Italian Capital of Culture.

Situated on the beautiful island of Sicily, is the city of Palermo. It has some Arabic roots, so don’t be surprised to see markets that remind you of Arab markets. Italy is famous for its food, which is why you should definitely try local, authentic dishes. Before you travel, I recommend reading up on all there is to know about Palermo.

22. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Most Beautiful Cities: Amsterdam
Every night, the city comes to life with energy only you can find there.

Personally, Amsterdam is one of my most favorite cities that I’ve been to, and for good reason. It’s home to the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. Also, the city is very walkable, it’s easy to get lost wandering around and discovering more things to do. Though I have to warn you, they can be quite aggressive about their bike lanes, so be sure you don’t walk on that part. Or, if you want a chill moment, head over to Vondelpark and people-watch; you’ll be surprised at what you’ll see.

21. Tokyo, Japan

Most Beautiful Cities: Tokyo
The hustle and bustle prove exactly why Tokyo is the world’s most populous metropolis.

Tokyo is Japan’s capital and the kind of city you’ll want to visit year-round simply because you’ll never run out of things to do. The best time to visit Tokyo would be September-November as it is cooler and less crowded. However, if you’re after cherry blossoms, the best time to visit is March to May. If festivals are what you’re after, late July to August is perfect. December to February and May to July are the best times if you want to avoid large crowds and check out the winter lights. Tip: Read up on their customs and manners to avoid insulting anyone.

20. Prague, Czech Republic

Most Beautiful Cities: Prague
In 1992, UNESCO declared the historic center of Prague a World Heritage site.

Prague may not be at the top of everybody’s travel list, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your list at all. It’s important to note that some Czechs aren’t fond of tourists. Luckily, there are always some tips that will help you blend in with the locals. However, I do suggest checking out the Astronomical Clock, the world’s oldest functioning clock.

19. Quito, Ecuador

Most Beautiful Cities: Quito
Quito was the first city UNESCO named a World Heritage Site, so you can tell just how rich in culture and history it is.

For many, Quito is nothing but a stopover on the way to the Galapagos Islands. But given everything this city has to offer, it’s worth spending an extra 3 nights here. Here you can find the “Mitad del Mundo” or “Middle of the World,” a monument to depict the division between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Recent tech has discovered that the actual equator lies further up north, though. Nonetheless, it’s still a good place to check out for that I’m-standing-in-two-places-at-once photo. Note that since it’s at about 2,850m above sea level, you might experience altitude sickness.

18. Toronto, Canada

Most Beautiful Cities: Toronto
If you want a gorgeous view of the city and its surrounding areas, head over to CN Tower and brave the height.

Toronto may not be Canada’s capital city, but it sure is the financial and commercial center. Plus, it’s one of the biggest multicultural hubs around the world, so you know there’s a huge variety of activities to do. The best time to visit Toronto would be anytime between May -November. Winter in Canada is quite brutal with sub-zero temperatures and sometimes knee-deep snow.

17. Sydney, Australia

Most Beautiful Cities: Sydney
If you want to soak up the beauty of the Sydney Opera House up close, you can either take a harbor cruise or take a guided tour.

Sydney is a famous city for two reasons: Finding Nemo and the Sydney Opera House. Since Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s important to note that their seasons are the opposite. The warmest months are between December and February, where it’s summer in Australia. If you want to avoid crowds and don’t mind cooler temperatures, visit Sydney sometime between September to November and do things perfect for spring weather.

16. Budapest, Hungary

Most Beautiful Cities: Budapest
If you want to have a feel of the real Budapest, check out the bar that started it all—Szimpla Kert.

Budapest is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe and is home to numerous UNESCO heritage sites. This city tries to be modern while still sticking to traditions that make them who they are, and you can clearly see splashes of this in their architecture, food, and daily life.

15. Singapore, Singapore

Most Beautiful Cities: Singapore
Did you know that Singapore calls itself the Garden City? If you visit, then you’ll understand why.

If you asked travelers to describe Singapore, you might hear “expensive” pop up more than once, and it’s true. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel to Singapore on a budget. Singapore is quite strict when it comes to cleanliness and order, so don’t litter, smoke in public, or chew gum if you want to avoid getting fined. They probably to the best job at protecting their status as one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

14. Perth, Australia

Most Beautiful Cities: Perth
Spending at least 3 days in Perth is enough if you want to get a taste of what the city has to offer.

Before, people used to not pay Perth any attention. However, its stunning transformation in recent years has turned it into one of the top tourist destinations in Australia and a deserving spot in the world’s most beautiful cities. While Perth is an absolute beauty with lots of fun activities to do and places to eat, you will be spending many hours on a plane with a high chance of jetlag. So, I recommend taking the first day easy or preparing your body for the time change days before your flight.

13. Rome, Italy

Most Beautiful Cities: Rome
Always wear comfy shoes when in Rome because the uneven cobblestone streets might take a toll on your feet.

It can’t be argued that Rome is a beautiful city, but we also can’t deny that it’s extremely packed with tourists all year round. Personally, I believe the best way to experience a city is to hang around less touristy districts and eat at more local restaurants. However, you can’t say you’ve been to Rome if you haven’t been to some of the most famous spots. Tip: Italians can be quite judgy about the kind of pasta you have and when you drink coffee, so read up on some do’s and don’ts before you go.

12. Seoul, South Korea

Most Beautiful Cities: Seoul
Recently, South Korea has been gaining more attention due to the global rise of famous K-pop groups like BTS and Blackpink.

One of the best things I love about South Korea is the food. If your goal is to see the cherry blossoms, the best time to visit Seoul would be sometime around early April, when the flowers are in full bloom. But if your goal is to enjoy the food, you can visit any time of year! You’d be surprised at how delicious street food is. Don’t forget to try out soju, too!

11. Kyoto, Japan

Most Beautiful Cities: Kyoto
There are so many places to see and food to try out in Kyoto, I recommend spending at least 4 days there.

You won’t know how truly beautiful Japan is not until you’ve been to Kyoto. It’s the best city to go to if you want to have a feel of what true Japan is like. Kyoto is relatively small, too, and has a great transport system, so you won’t have trouble getting around at all. Out of all the cities on this list, this is the one place you can wander around and still see so much no matter where your feet take you. Of course, Japan is an entirely different culture, so don’t forget to read some crucial do’s and don’ts.

10. Cartagena, Colombia

Most Beautiful Cities: Cartegena
Cartagena has got some of the best local food, so make sure you stick to local places instead of tourist-targetted restaurants.

If you visit Cartagena, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say Hispanic countries and the like are pulsating with life. Maybe it’s got something to do with the culture, or maybe people are just generally happier and friendlier on that side of the planet. The best way to explore Cartagena is to walk around and interact with the locals.

9. Alicante, Spain

Most Beautiful Cities: Alicante
Aside from soaking in the sun and the sea, you can also hit museums and get acquainted with Spain’s rich history.

Alicante is a city located in the southeast of Spain, close to Valencia. The best thing about this gorgeous place is that the sun pretty much shines all year round. However, I wouldn’t go there during August as it can get as hot as 104° F. Thanks to their climate, you pretty much have enough time to go out and explore Alicante.

8. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Most Beautiful Cities: Dubrovnik
The famous city of Dubrovnik is also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic.”

As gorgeous as Dubrovnik is, it’s one of the many cities around the world buckling under the serious effects of over-tourism. If you’ve seen “Game of Thrones,” then you most likely understand why. While there are many activities you can do, I honestly have mixed thoughts about going there. It is beautiful, but I don’t want to contribute to the problem.

7. Quebec, Canada

Most Beautiful Cities: Quebec
Quebec is the only walled city in the North American continent north of Mexico

If you’re looking for a European destination without having to go to Europe, Quebec is the perfect city for that! For people looking for the Winter Wonderland vibe, February is the best time to go because of Carnaval de Quebec season. But, if you want to avoid the cold and want to visit for another month instead, there are still so many things you can do and see in this historic city.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Most Beautiful Cities: Edinburgh
Edinburgh is the best city to go to if you want to soak up history and modernity.

The thing I love the most about Edinburgh is its unique architectural design. It’s got cobblestone streets and Gothic landmarks, making you feel as if you’re in a Harry Potter movie. For bookworms, you’ll be pleased to know about the existence of the Edinburgh International Book Festival — the largest celebration of the written word in the world!

5. Strasbourg, France

Most Beautiful Cities: Strasbourg
Albeit small, Strasbourg is a city that is a cultural melting pot.

Strasbourg is a French city bordering Germany and is the official seat of the European Parliament. It’s perfect for a weekend trip since the city is quite compact you can pretty much see most of it within a day or two if you want to keep it light.

4. Bologna, Italy

Most Beautiful Cities: Bologna
Bologna not only has one of the best cuisines in Italy but also great bars, clubs, and sights!

Located just north of Italy, Bologna is a city you wouldn’t want to miss! Italy is famous for its cuisine, but Bologna specifically takes the cake on this one. If you’re there just for the food, you’re in the right place! Of course, if you want to explore the city, too, there are also some activities and spots you can check out.

3. Florence, Italy

Most Beautiful Cities: Florence
Many of Florence’s attractions are close to each other, so it’s possible to reach many spots on foot

Florence, or Firenze, is the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany. If Bologna is famous for its cuisine, then Florence is famous for its design and architecture. If you’ve only got a weekend to spare, you’re just in luck! Florence is small enough that it’s possible to visit sights and enjoy good food for just a weekend.

2. Valencia, Spain

Most Beautiful Cities: Valencia
Tip: If you want to try authentic paella, head to smaller and more local restaurants.

Located just on the Mediterranean coast, Valencia is the 3rd largest Spanish city after Madrid and Barcelona. It’s also home to my personal favorite, the paella. Because of its ideal location, there are so many things you can do. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the food and the sights!

1. Zakynthos, Greece

Most Beautiful Cities: Zakynthos
With clear waters, lush nature, gorgeous sunsets, and a welcoming atmosphere, you’re going to feel like you’re in paradise.

We’re at our number one spot of our most beautiful cities! And the winner is: Zakynthos! Look at that water, isn’t it gorgeous?! Seriously, though, what’s not to love about Greece? The islands are gorgeous and the food tastes remarkable. What else could you ask for? Zakynthos is the largest of the Ionian islands and is filled with activities to do if you don’t always feel like lounging under the sun.

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