How to Make Someone Feel Better

We may have particular persons in our lives whom we wish to support at difficult times. It’s simple to be there for someone, but we may be unaware that each individual has unique needs for feeling better when they’re not in the best situation. Have you considered a way to cheer up a friend?

As males, we politely let our loved ones express their emotions, but what other ways could there be there for them? Are you concerned about what you can do to help your family members feel better? Say no more, as we empower you to be their best friend.

Make kind gestures

Making kind gestures is as simple as helping them most simply and easily. People who don’t feel quite good will appreciate simple efforts, though we might not realize this.

You can, of course, help them out by joining them on their errand, cooking them a great snack, or simply complimenting them when they’re down. Because this person will know they have someone willing to do something pleasant for them, these simple acts of kindness can go a long way toward making them feel better.

Spend some time with them

In every form of relationship, quality time is critical. Spending time together fosters the development of unique connections that you two can share. Make an effort to see them since you have no idea how much they need a buddy through difficult times.

However, you should inquire about their willingness to spend time with you. Ask and invite them to join you for an evening out, a drink, or some fun. We understand that being alone when one is not feeling well conjures up feelings of sadness. That’s why, if you want to cheer someone up, make a point of sparing them some time.

Be their support system. 

Physical isolation is a strong preference for some people. Rather than being with them, you can emotionally support your friend and loved one.

We all need a friend we can turn to when we’re feeling down and don’t know what to do about it. Be that person whom your friends and loved ones can rely upon in tough times. It’s essential to be there for them, even if it’s just through a text message or a phone call.

Even if you’re not at your best, having someone who will embrace you unconditionally is a beautiful feeling.


It’s not uncommon for people who have been in these situations to feel misunderstood when they share their thoughts with others. That’s why empathy is the best way to show that you understand what they’re going through.

Be that someone your friends and loved ones can trust. You can’t be there for someone and oppose what they’re feeling by making them think their feelings are not valid. Let them feel free to show their emotions around you.

Simply listen

Some people who want to express grief and sadness don’t need people to give them advice or do something about their problems. Remember, you can’t fix everyone’s issues. Simply listening and accompanying them is enough to make them feel better.

You can, however, ask them what they need, what they feel, or what happened. If your friend doesn’t want to talk, then it’s better to give them some space. However, showing that you care and being there until they can communicate their feelings can be helpful.

And when they decide to share their feelings, let them talk. Don’t interrupt them and refrain from mentioning how many times you’ve been in their shoes, and they sure do can also get through it. Just listen and look them in the eyes. Make them feel heard. 

Make yourself available

I understand how busy grownups may be, but if you want to help them feel better, responding to their messages, attending to their needs, or even saying yes to their invitations are all great ways to show them you care.

You can arrange a night out or a coffee date with them. Distracting people from their sadness might be as simple as talking about various topics or engaging in mundane activities like eating, strolling, or shopping.

Bring them food

A simple way to treat a friend who’s feeling down is making them food or bringing them food from their favorite fast-food chain or restaurant. If you’re unable to be there in person, simple food delivery will go a long way toward lifting their spirits.

Food can also be snacks that are known to boost serotonin. You may find a list of meals that can make someone cheerful and uplift their mood by checking out this post.

Express appreciation for their existence and efforts

A friend who’s feeling down may have their confidence lower. Sometimes, problems make people hate not only their situation but also themselves. Along with physical presence, words of affirmation can be beneficial.

Compliment your friend and loved one by telling them they’re doing everything they can. Reward them for the way they’ve been managing everything lately. Sometimes people facing adversity cannot see the good in themselves, and hearing praise from others might help them regain their confidence.

Send them a text message.

“What’s going through your mind right now?” is a simple question that can make someone feel they have some they can talk to. 

I know deciding what to say can be hard when you know their problems are sensitive topics. That’s why before sending a text, you must start with understanding how they feel. You can’t skip and force them to open up. Instead, text them something that shows your sincere concern. 

Psychiatrist-approved texts are an excellent place to start if you want to make your texts sound pleasant.

Respect their emotions

Don’t be disrespectful to other people’s emotions even if you don’t understand what it means. It may be the only thing that matters to them. People are most comfortable when they can freely express their thoughts and feelings, and the best way to do this is to listen to them with an open mind. 

Unless requested, we should never give counsel, critique, or lecture somebody because we don’t know their situations well enough to make an informed judgment. Their sentiments determine their self-worth. Making someone feel important takes a small amount of work.


  • What can I say to make someone feel better?

Tell them you’ll be there for them. There are times when people feel isolated and overwhelmed because they don’t feel like anyone else understands or cares enough to try to comprehend. Let your friends know you’ll be there for them every step of the journey, and they’ll feel more secure. 

  • How do you cheer a guy up?

Listen intently to what he has to say. You should sit there and listen when he starts unloading. Don’t interfere with his need to air his frustrations. His heart will rest more peacefully, knowing that a heavy bag fell from his shoulders. After this point, you’ll begin to see a positive shift in his mood.

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