Dr Squatch Natural Deodorant Review

Last Updated: March 11, 2022

We’ve all been there. The days when you wake up with 20 minutes spare before the work day begins. Arriving at work on time is impossible and you know it.

Still, you carelessly spray deodorant and race like a crazed maniac to reach the office ‘acceptably late’ rather than ‘written warning’ late. The problem is that for the rest of the day you stink like the bog of eternal stench.

On the plus side, others are thankful face masks were introduced and you’ve gained newfound wisdom.

This being you need to go to bed earlier and you need to switch your sub-optimal synthetic deodorant for one that actually works. Could such a mystical men’s product exist? 

Apparently so. Behold the hugely successful men’s personal care brand, Dr Squatch. Following the incredible success of their soaps, Dr Squatch launched an all-natural deodorant line.

The unique selection provides men with personal care products they can enjoy, whilst offering skincare benefits all men deserve.

Given the insane amount of 5-star reviews from happy customers and the brand’s quickly growing fanbase, Dr Squatch’s line certainly seems to have deodorizing star qualities.

Read on as we delve into the all-natural world and it’s deodorizing ingredients. Learn important facts about B.O, antiperspirant and deodorant, and if opting for natural is worth it.

We uncover the benefits and of course the pitfalls (pardon the pun) of Dr Squatch deodorants and evaluate each product’s scent. Most importantly, discover whether Dr Squatch’s All Natural Deodorants are any good and if they are worth the hype.

Dr Squatch All Natural Deodorants

Dr Squatch is being hailed for providing an array of unique and enjoyable personal care products for men.

The all natural deodorant line features 6 eye-catching and refreshing scents that appeal, (yet are still masculine and strong). The innovative Odor Squatching® system effectively thwarts any B.O from materializing. 

As we know, many deodorants cause skin aggravation and itchiness. Dr Squatch deodorizers are designed to keep you feeling comfortable and confident all day.

They are created with specially formulated skin nourishing ingredients such as jojoba and shea butter. These components provide essential skin support so you can get on with your day.

Dr Squatch ‘Odor-Squatching’ Ingredients

Dr Squatch features a unique and innovative blend of ‘Odor-Squatching’ ingredients. These gentle, yet super-powerful components team up to deliver unrivaled deodorizing results. The 3 hero ingredients include:

  • Arrowroot Extract – Arrowroot is a highly effective smell-absorbing tool. It literally soaks up any moisture and sweat.
  • Charcoal Powder –  This amazing ingredient is derived from plants. It is an extremely successful natural component for blocking odor. It also gets rid of dirt and toxins.
  • Probiotics – Probiotics are all about bringing some much-needed balance. Their mission is   to prevent the growth of bacteria that causes those awful smells. This is done by restoring balance back to your skin’s natural microbiome.
  • Sage Essential Oil – this superior essential oil is combined to offer optimal skin health, whilst minimizing irritation. 

Additionally, these products include many nourishing ingredients to further support the skin. Combined are ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba, shea butter and aloe for calming, soothing and protecting the skin.

These activities offer a multitude of skincare benefits, whilst delivering optimal odor fighting support.

The Dr Squatch scent range Includes:

  • Pine Tar – This deodorant is a best-seller. Expect an appealing crisp and woody aroma everyone will enjoy.
  • Birchwood Breeze – Crisp and fresh with woody notes. The scent is enticing and refreshing (yet still manly).
  • Alpine Sage – Cypress, patchouli and sage combine to evoke an extremely moreish aroma of earthy, warm likeability. 
  • Fresh Falls – This clean and energizing scent includes citrus to revitalize the senses. Dr Squatch likened it to encountering the smell of a forest waterfall.
  • Bay Rum – Conjure up memories of sandy beaches with Bay Rum deodorant. The spicy and invigorating scent leaves you wanting more.
  • Wood Barrel Bourbon Deodorant – Contemporary and refined, this delicious smell of Bourbon, oak, and spice is ideal for the distinguished gentleman

Dr Squatch All Natural Deodorants glide on seamlessly to provide instant comfort, confidence and efficacy. Their products are ideal for every skin type.

Each deodorant is formulated with high-quality natural ingredients and are aluminum-free.


  • Dr Squatch Strive to make 100% natural ingredients 
  • Aluminum-free and paraben-free.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Unique scents that appeal to men (and women)
  • Long-lasting freshness and skin TLC.


  • May cause staining if overused.
  • Plastic Casing.

Why Do We Sweat?

Sweating (and consequently smelling) is a sad fact of human life. But why do people smell?

The human body is littered with sweat glands. However, the ones that cause us concern are located in the armpits, feet and groin.

These are the little stinkers of the bunch. These areas are the perfect place for pasky odor-inducing bacteria to prevail. As we sweat, these nasty bacteria feast.

They waste no time in breaking down and munching away at  the first layer of sweat-covered skin. The worst thing is they never seem to get full and stop. Think of the bacteria as a never ending eating machine.

The problem lies with what occurs next. As you can imagine, bacterial decomposition isn’t pleasant. The byproduct is odor.

Alas, the more we continue to sweat, the hungrier these little blighters get. So, bad smells increase. 

It is important to stay as hygienic as possible in order to keep pesky bacteria and bad odors at bay. Washing regularly is first and foremost the most important step to take.

But to maintain a fresh smell and keep your friends you should invest in a good deodorant too. A worthy deodorant should eliminate odors and stop stench-forming bacteria in their tracks.

Antiperspirant or Deodorant?

Let us put a common misunderstanding to bed – antiperspirant and deodorant are two different kinds of products. Antiperspirants are formulated with the intention of preventing sweat from forming.

Aluminum is combined in the formula in order to literally plug and seal over the sweat glands. The outcome is that your body is unable to sweat.

Most deodorants tackle the stink issue by providing a scent to mask any odor. This is not ideal. The result is often a disturbing mix of stench and (usually) flowers. Not great.

Dr. Squatch Natural Deodorant for Men
Dr. Squatch Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant Vs. Synthetic

The world is moving towards a greener, cleaner future of natural and more sustainable products.

Synthetic products are packed full of harmful chemicals that not only damage the environment, but are harmful to the skin. They are also linked to certain illnesses.

Synthetic products generally contain abrasive ingredients that (if you stop and think about), you wouldn’t dream of just spraying all over yourself. Some of these harsh chemicals include:

  • Propylene glycol – this is basically antifreeze. It’s hard to believe you could be dousing yourself in antifreeze
  • Parabens – The beauty and skincare industry is working hard to banish these harmful preservatives from all products. Studies show that they soak into the skin and terrorize your hormonal system, trigger the onset of illnesses and create cancers.
  • Triclosan – It’s hard to believe this pesticide is regularly added to self care products. A little ironic, don’t you think? This ingredient is linked to many health problems. Think thyroid dysfunction, antibiotic resistance and varying degrees of skin irritation (to name a few).

Natural deodorants are definitely the way forward. In fact, they couldn’t come soon enough.  

Basically, the healthier option for you and the planet is to go natural. Dr Squatch All Natural Deodorants do not contain parabens and harmful ingredients.

Instead, they are formulated with nearly 100% natural ingredients that are highly effective in delivering long-term odor elimination. Better yet, you can have peace of mind that these products are safe to use.

Using Dr Squatch All Natural Deodorants makes skin irritation a thing of the past. The natural ingredients are designed to give comfort, nourishment and long-lasting freshness.


Dr Squatch All Natural Deodorants have every box ticked. These all-singing, all-dancing personal care products truly provide the ultimate freshness and last throughout the day.

The ‘Odor-Squatching System’ leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the user can enjoy a happy, safe and stink-free existence. 

Even more refreshing, is the introduction of unique scents that cater specifically for men. Gone are the days of choosing between substandard deodorizers or smelling like a lady’s bathroom.

Now men can rejoice in a selection of natural, subtle scents that appeal rather than repel. 


We Love It!

Dr Squatch All Natural Deodorants have every box ticked. These all-singing, all-dancing personal care products truly provide the ultimate freshness and last throughout the day.

Time to Switch to Dr Squatch

Start giving your body the care it deserves and go all-natural. Check out the Dr Squatch range and begin living the best-smelling confident life you deserve.

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