15 Year Anniversary Presents

50 Best 15 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

Time flies. Through all the ups and downs, the laughter and tears, and the adventures and misadventures, couples often surprise themselves with how far they’ve come. After all the victories and impediments that you and your wife have hurdled over the years, it’s easy to take the small wins for granted – and that’s understandable….

A Beginner’s Guide To Men’s Skincare

Table of Contents IntroductionDo Men Care About Skin Care?A Simple Skin Care Regimen1. Cleanse2. Repair3. Moisturize & ProtectHow To Pick ProductsKnow Your Skin TypeNormal SkinOily SkinDry SkinSensitive SkinForget GenderConsider Your EthnicityExperimentManaging Skin Irritation & Eruptions1. Razor Burn2. Ingrown Hairs3. Pimples & BlemishesSummaryRecommended articles: Introduction Skincare isn’t just a woman’s game – it’s something that men…

How Long Does Perfume Last?

When I was younger, I rarely wore any perfume. If I did, it was most likely a questionable amount of Axe body spray. (Technically, that’s not even perfume, but we’ll get to that later.) It wasn’t only until recently (and probably out of quarantine boredom) that I researched more about perfumes. Luckily, I’m here to…

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