Best Soap For Men

When it comes to smelling good, we have to start with the basics. As much as a deodorant can mask the scents underneath, being freshly squeaky clean just brings out that confidence within us. 

Best Soap For Men

That means taking a shower! Whereas we could just pick up a bottle of shower gel, there is nothing better than thinking about not only having something that will last longer, but also the environment too.

Using a bar of soap has become the go-to form of cleaning due to its convenience and the fact it is normally wrapped in recycled material and it can be recycled. 

Even though you could just pick up a simple bar of soap, there are many that have been specifically made for the male body.

To help you through the process, we have put together a list of our top five, including a buyer’s guide to show you the key areas to look at when finding that ultimate bar of soap.

So, read on to become the best smelling guy around.

Dr. Squatch Bay Rum Soap

Bay Rum Soap by Dr. Squatch

With a name like Dr. Squatch, who could resist this playful soap? Even though it does have a cartoon sasquatch smoking a pipe in his best suit jacket on the branding, it is actually a very highly rated soap.

The Bay Rum scent (there are many others too) includes a number of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, kaolin clay, shea butter and bay rum. Each soap is also made with organic oils within the USA.

The soaps are said to be geared more towards men with their scents, in particular they are avoiding anything flowery.

No matter your stance on what is considered ‘manly’ or not, the soaps themselves smell delicious and do a great job at cleansing the full body.

The cold pressed soap is best left in a dry climate. So if you are going to use this in a shower, cut it into four pieces and use one square until it is gone.

Due to it being cold pressed it is softer than the average soap, so once finished with, put it in a dry soap dish and store it. 


  • Organic ingredients – a natural product that includes organic ingredients
  • Not tested on animals – which is always a bonus
  • Highly rated – a lot of people like the brand and their soaps


  • Cold pressed – if not used correctly, the soap will disappear quickly

Dove Men+Care 3-in-1 Bar Cleanser

Dove MenCare 3-in-1-Bar
Dove Men+Care 3 in 1 Bar

If you are on a tight budget, then the Dove Men+Care is an obvious choice. You can normally buy this as part of a multipack too which only adds to its value.

Highly moisturizing, the Dove soap is suitable for the full body without drying it out, so could be suitable for those who need to combat drier skin. It is gentle enough to be used on both the face and body, and is so hydrating it can be used to shave.

The soap uses a patented design that includes unique technology developed specially for men’s skin. It has also been recommended by Dermatologists, and is a good option for those who just want a hassle free soap that will last a long time.

The refreshing scent of mandarin citrus, rosemary and patchouli may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is a great option for those who do not want it to be too overpowering with a typical ‘man’s scent’. 

Unlike the Dr. Squatch soap, this includes man-made ingredients. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you want natural ingredients, then this is not it.


  • Budget friendly – good option for those who want a good value soap
  • Highly moisturizing – can combat dry skin
  • Fresh scent – that is not too overpowering


  • Man-made ingredients – if you want natural ingredients, then this is not it

WAHL Exfoliating and Moisturizing Face and Body Soap Bar

Wahl Exfoliating & Moisturizing Face & Body Soap Bar

A lot of people will know WAHL from their hair products, but they also do other things for men such as soap. Big soap. In fact, it is 3x bigger than the conventional soap. This means it will last even longer.

This big blue block not only cleans, but it also exfoliates the skin and can be used on the face and body safely and gently. Their use of high-quality ingredients within a superior formula nourishes the skin.

Willow bark extract, shea butter, rosemary leaf extract and olive fruit oil are just some of the things included.

Also, because it can be used on the hair too, it includes meadowfoam seed oil which is said to smooth and soften skin and hair. Also clove oil for its anti-itch properties and moringa oil which is known to be anti-inflammatory.

Manuka oil is another added ingredient which is antimicrobial. All these blend together to make a darn good soap!

Even though it does exfoliate, if you are after a ‘scratchy’ type of soap bar, then this is not the option for you. It has a more gentle feel on the skin without the harsh scratching that some exfoliating bars can give.


  • Big sized bar – it will last longer than the average bar of soap
  • Nourishing ingredients – like manuka oil, meadowfoam seed oil and willowbark extract
  • 3-in-1 – can be used on the body, face and hair


  • May not exfoliate enough – it is gentle rather than scratchy

360Feel Men’s Handmade Soap Bar

360 Feel Mens Soap Bar

If you are after handmade soap, something a little more artisan, then the 360Feel is a good option. They not only look good with their different colors and DIY feel, but they are completely natural too – but unfortunately not vegan friendly due to beeswax. 

The variety pack includes a few different versions to try, which is great if you are not sure what works for you yet. All are said to be fine used on different skin concerns, including sensitive and acne prone skin.

The scents range from bay rum and pine tar to patchouli and island citrus. Nothing is too floral or light, and it will give you a burst of freshness with each use. 

There is absolutely no parabens, SLS, palm oil or phthalate. Instead, the soaps include ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, organic shea butter, lye, hemp oil, etc. and are proudly made in the USA.

Again, just like the Dr. Squatch, it is a cold pressed soap so will need extra care taken when using it, otherwise it will melt away faster than other soap. 


  • Highly moisturizing – have been highly reviewed for their moisturizing abilities
  • Natural ingredients – and no SLS, parabens, palm oil or phthalate
  • Variety pack – great for trying out different ingredients and scents


  • Not vegan – includes beeswax
  • Cold pressed – so they must be cared for rather then left in water

Duke Cannon Supply Co. – Great American Frontier Men’s Big Brick Soap

Duke Cannon Supply Co. – Great American Frontier Men’s Big Brick of Soap Set

The cruelty-free Duke Cannon Supply Co. soaps are probably what you would call ‘manly soaps’. From having scents titled Campfire, Leaf & Leather and Fresh Cut Pine, you can probably see why. 

This variety pack includes three ‘big ass brick’ sized soaps (the biggest we have seen) that have unique scents that have been inspired by the outdoors. Each one has been triple-milled for extra quality and have been proudly made in the USA. 

It is not stated as an all natural soap, so if you are after something with organic essential oils and natural ingredients, then there are others in this list that will suit you much better, such as the 360Feel soap. 

A portion of the proceeds from each sale also goes towards different charities benefiting the U.S. Veterans, so you can do good as well as smell good. This ranges from the men and women who serve, to the military dogs and families. 

It is quite gimmicky with its branding compared to other soaps with its tales of the wild west and exploring the Great Plains on horseback, but it is actually a highly rated good premium soap.


  • Some money goes to the U.S. Veteran charities – so you can smell great as well as do good
  • Massive soap – it will last for a while
  • Variety pack – good value for money and has a number of different scents


  • Gimmicky branding – but it is a great soap to use

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen the top five soaps, here are the key areas to look for when buying a soap.


When it comes to the ingredients of soap, it all comes down to preference.

Whereas there is nothing wrong with man-made ingredients per se, there is something luxurious about using a premium soap that has essential oils and natural ingredients infused within it. 

Also, a lot of these ingredients have different properties to benefit the skin such as an anti-inflammatory or something that will nourish and hydrate.

They can also be beneficial to skin conditions like acne and eczema too, so it is worth taking the time to really get to know what ingredients are in a product.

Like we stated, man-made ingredients actually are not bad for you, but the majority of people these days are looking for natural ingredients when it comes to our skin.

An added chemical fragrance, for example, will not harm you unless you are particularly sensitive to fragrance.  

So, whatever your preference when it comes to ingredients, look for a soap that will benefit you and any skin concerns, and whether you have any allergies or not. If you have no concerns at all, going natural or man-made are two good options. 


Just like with the ingredients, the fragrance is an important part of the soap. We are not talking about what the fragrance is made out of – as in natural or chemical – but the smell of the soap generally.

When it comes to men’s soap there are a limited amount of fragrances if you are after something that smells ‘manly’. A lot of the scents consist of pine tar, citrus notes and patchouli, and tend to avoid really floral numbers or anything considered ‘too female’. 

If you do want something a little more on the flowery side, then there are soaps out there, but these soaps are specifically made for the male skin, helping to give the man a scent he can be proud of wearing all day. 

Fragrance is also not the most important thing, as really it is all about cleansing and ridding the skin of oils and sweat. Adding a fragrance is like a bonus because it means you can clean and smell nice, and who does not want that?


Another thing that is only considered a ‘man thing’ is the 3-in-1. You know how it is – we get in the shower and most of the time we just want something quick we can use all over the body, not fifteen different bottles for a multitude of things. 

Though you probably have not considered it, a soap can also be a 3-in-1. Shampoo bars are all the rage anyway due to the fact they are better for the environment and potentially last longer, so a bar that cleanses the body, face and hair (including beard hair) is a yes from us.

Not all soaps are considered a 3-in-1 so it is best not to assume, though if it includes hydrating ingredients that are safe to use on delicate skin, then it should be fine to use on more than just the body.

Just remember that some soap can really strip away the natural oils of the skin, so look for something that is highly moisturizing.


Some soaps are also exfoliating. This is a rougher soap that will slough away dead skin on the surface which will also help with skin cell turnover to reveal fresher, smoother skin.

It is also great to use in the colder months when you are more likely to have dry skin, or the day before you use a fake tan.

This type of soap may not be suitable for the face and hair, and can either be used as a specialized soap you use a few times a week, or as your daily go-to – though if it is a really scratchy exfoliating soap, we would not recommend using it every day.

There are varying degrees of exfoliation too. Some are barely noticeable, whilst others may scratch on contact with the skin.

A gentle soap that exfoliates is the best option, as it means it can be used more regularly than if it was a soap that hurts on contact with the skin. We all have different preferences however, so try as many as you like to find the one for you. 

Cold Pressed vs Traditional

There will always be negative reviews from those who say the soap melted away and only lasted a couple of uses. This is very likely if the soap is cold pressed, which is what you may find with the more natural ingredient type soaps. 

When a soap is cold pressed, it is likely to be softer so will need more care when using it. We have all used a traditional soap that seems to never end and is really hard.

A cold pressed soap is the exact opposite and may become soggy and really soft once it touches water. 

So, to look after a cold pressed soap you will need to keep it as dry as possible in between uses. In fact, many recommend cutting the bar into squares and using them as mini soaps. Once finished with, make sure to store it in a soap dish that has a water drain feature, rather than having it sit in water as it will cause it to disintegrate faster.

It sounds like a hassle but really it is not, because you should be looking after a bar of soap anyway. We know how they can get after a few uses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do men use bar soap?

Even though bar soap is used by both men and women, sometimes it can be the preferred method of cleansing for men. This could be down to its convenience, the good value for money because of how long it lasts, and the multiways it can be used.

What is bar soap used for?

Bar soap is used to remove excess oil and grime that has built up on the skin over the day or night. Soap today is a lot more friendlier to the skin than traditional soap which used to strip away the natural oils that we need on the skin causing it to become dry.

Why should you use bar soap?

Bar soap actually contains a high level of the ingredients due to not needing water added to the ingredients list. Also, because it does not include water, it does not need any chemical preservatives like parabens to stop bacteria from breeding.

This is helpful if you really want to feel the benefits of the full ingredients, as well as only wanting to use natural ingredients.

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