Best Ski Gloves On The Market in 2022

Skiing is a fast paced, fun activity for the whole family, and there’s nothing like having a ski trip planned to get you excited.

Having the right gloves when you go skiing is essential for your safety, and will also determine how much you enjoy the sport.


If your hands become exposed to the cold, you won’t enjoy being up the mountains nearly as much and it could even lead to more serious conditions such as hypothermia or frostbite.

In this article, I will cover the best ski gloves to give you a better idea of what’s on the market. So, next time you’re planning a ski trip away, you’re ready to hit the slopes with a good quality pair of ski gloves.

Keep reading to find out more. 

AKASO Waterproof Ski Gloves Winter Warm 3M Thinsulate Snow Gloves

AKASO Waterproof SkiGloves

The AKASO Waterproof Ski Gloves Winter Warm 3M Thinsulate Snow Gloves ensure maximum heat retention while remaining thin and light for optimal dexterity.

These ski gloves feature soft moisture-wicking fleece lining for your comfort and warmth.

Versatile! The AKASO gloves are perfect for a variety of different activities, including downhill skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, snowmobiling, playing and working in snow!


  • Anti-slip –  Durable and grippy PU palms,the anti-slip layer at the inside of your palm and fingertips allow you to comfortably hold items in the snow. 
  • Elastic wrist – These gloves feature an elastic wrist cord and adjustable drawstring closure in order to prevent snow and cold air from entering in.
  • Waterproof – The snow gloves shell exteriors are treated with a durable water repellent to keep you warm and dry all day long.


  • Small – A few customers noted that these gloves tend to run small in size, and recommended that you size up one size.

Gordini Men’s Gore-tex Storm Trooper Ii

Gordini Mens Gore-tex Storm Trooper Ii

The Gordini Men’s Gore-tex Storm Trooper Ii are designed to offer maximum warmth whilst still providing enough dexterity for your hands to move freely. 

These gloves are constructed of high quality 94% nylon and 6% spandex and are built to last for years to come.

The Gordini gloves are waterproof, windproof, and contain a breathable GORE-TEX insert for your comfort.


  • Breathable – The moisture-wicking lining and breathable stretch woven shell are designed to keep your hands dry.
  • Enhanced grip – These ski gloves feature textured palms for enhanced grip when you’re holding your ski poles.
  • Versatile – These Gordini gloves are perfect for a variety of different activities, including skiing, snowboarding, and working in the snow!


  • Hand wash only – One customer noted that they didn’t like that you can’t wash these gloves in the washing machine.

Carhartt Women’s Quilts Insulated Breathable Glove with Waterproof Wicking Insert

Carhartt Women’s Quilts Insulated Breathable Glove 

The Carhartt Women’s Quilts Insulated Breathable Glove with Waterproof Wicking Insert is  designed to keep you warmer for longer!

These gloves are ideal for several different outdoor activities, from skiing to shovelling snow!

The waterproof, microfiber lining is ideal for keeping your hands toasty even in the coldest of conditions.


  • Buckle closure – These gloves feature a buckle closure to ensure that they are secured to your hands and to prevent the cold and snow from getting inside.
  • High quality – Carhartt have been making high quality outdoor gear for 130 years, meaning that you can count on these gloves to perform in cold conditions. 
  • Stylish design – Available in four different colors, these stylish gloves can easily be matched to the rest of your ski gear!


  • Long delivery time – A few customers noted that these gloves took a long time to arrive in the mail.

Tough Outdoors Ski & Snow Gloves – Waterproof & Windproof Winter Snowboard Gloves for Men & Women

Ski Gloves for Men & Women

The Tough Outdoors Ski & Snow Gloves are made with a waterproof and wind-resistant nylon shell that will keep you warm and dry even in the chilliest of weather conditions.

These gloves are crafted with a synthetic leather palm, a tough, reinforced all-nylon outer layer, and dual seams for extra strength and durability.

The double faced synthetic leather palm protects your hands against abrasions and increases your grip on your ski poles, shovel, or your snowmobile.


  • Elastic straps – These gloves come with hidden elastic straps that keep them attached to your wrists at all times and to prevent the snow from getting into the interior of your gloves.
  • Waterproof – The all-nylon outer shell and synthetic leather palm keep rain and snow out.
  • Winter ready – Designed for winter activities. Provides no-nonsense warmth all winter. 


  • Got sent the wrong size – One customer noted that they were sent the wrong size. 

Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Snow Glove

Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Snow Glove

The Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Snow Glove is designed for warmth, dexterity, and comfort.

These ski gloves have a waterproof and breathable gore tex construction to ensure maximum comfort and to minimize sweating.

A Rubbertec palm means rugged durability in the most heavily-worn area of the glove, while ensuring that you can easily grip onto your ski poles.


  • Water resistant zipper pocket – There’s no need to worry about keeping small possessions safe, as the external water resistant zipper pocket is ideal for securing your small items when you’re out on the slopes.
  • Easy to maintain – These gloves can be hand washed easily with the rest of your delicate items of clothing.
  • Removable Storm Liner – These snow gloves are touch screen compatible, so you can keep up with your crew on your phone without having to worry about removing your gloves completely.


  • Pricy – A few customers noted that these ski gloves were on the pricier side when compared to other ski gloves that they had purchased in the past.

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few factors to take into consideration when you’re looking for ski gloves, but it primarily comes down to whether the gloves are waterproof, the material, and the durability.

Below I have put together a handy buyer’s guide of factors to consider, so you know exactly what to look for and what to avoid when making your purchase. I have also included a few frequently asked questions that might have crossed your mind.

Make sure you read on before making your choice.


An important factor to bear in mind is whether your gloves are waterproof or not. Many ski gloves are marketed as being waterproof or water resistant, but the true test is whether they stand up to spending hours in the wet snow. 

Once your gloves become sodden after spending time on the slopes, your hands will become cold very quickly in minus temperatures.

You will therefore need to opt for gloves that claim to be moisture resistant or moisture wicking, as this will help your gloves to dry more quickly and will minimize the likelihood of your hands becoming overly cold.

The material of your gloves will determine how waterproof your gloves are, so make sure that you choose the material of your gloves carefully.


One of the most important factors to consider when looking for ski gloves is the material. The material that you choose will largely impact how long your gloves will last, and how easy they will be to take care of.

Ski gloves are made out of a variety of different materials, including natural materials like leather and synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. 

Leather – Typically made with cowhide or goatskin, leather is a natural water resistant material that is considered to be more durable and of better quality than nylon.

Although leather gloves tend to be on the pricier side, when it is treated properly, leather gloves can keep you warm, remain waterproof, windproof, and last for years to come. This is what makes leather a very appealing material to opt for if you have the budget.

Synthetic materials – Synthetic materials, such as nylon, are significantly cheaper than leather gloves, but that doesn’t mean they’re not of high quality.

High-end gloves are often made with waterproof and breathable fabrics that come in hard shell and soft shell fabrics, and are used for ski and snow gloves and mittens.

How often you use the gloves, your budget, and the maintenance it requires to take care of them should always be considered when you’re trying to decide between materials.

Whichever material you opt for when choosing your ski gloves, make sure that you do your research and make your choice in accordance with that.


An important factor to take into consideration when purchasing ski gloves is durability. As an investment that you need to keep your hands warm in freezing temperatures, you will want some reassurance that your gloves are up to standard before going ahead with your purchase.

A good indication of whether a product is durable or not is to check the product reviews section. In this section, customers can leave their feedback, good or bad, that gives you a better understanding of the product and whether it is worth investing in.

If a customer has experienced a fault with the ski gloves in question, such as them being the wrong size, then they will likely tell you so in the product reviews section.

In addition to this, the product reviews section also reveals a lot about a company’s customer service. Although problems occur in a business all the time, such as products getting lost or damaged in transit, how their customer service team works to rectify that issue will reveal a lot about them.

If a customer claims that they couldn’t get hold of a brand’s customer service team, or they made things difficult when trying to return the product, you might decide that you’d rather not risk it and would rather spend your money elsewhere.

This is all incredibly useful information to get to know about a brand, especially when you’ve got nothing else to go off before you buy from them. Always do your own research and make sure that you check the product reviews section before making your purchase.

Ski Gloves
Ski Gloves for Men


Another factor that you will need to consider is the size of your ski gloves. It is crucial that your ski gloves fit you correctly, as if they don’t, you’ll be uncomfortable and will have limited movement.

A well sized pair of gloves will allow you to move your hands freely, whilst still providing warmth and comfort. For the best performance when you’re skiing, you will need to make sure that your pair of gloves are a snug fit. 

However, you will need to allow enough room at the end of outstretched fingers for you to pinch a quarter of an inch of fabric, whilst ensuring that your palm is completely inside the cuff so that your wrist remains covered. When you make a fist, the fit should not be too tight that restricts your fingers from bending. 

To avoid disappointment and to prevent yourself from keeping a pair of gloves that don’t fit you properly, I highly recommend that you go into a store to try on your ski gloves.

When you’re in a store, you can also ask a professional to show you a variety of different gloves. They can provide you with more information on the type of product that you’ll need, and can measure your hands correctly if you’ve never bought a pair of ski gloves before and don’t know how they should fit.

When in doubt, always make sure that you try on a few pairs to see what is the most comfortable and go in store to try on a few pairs of gloves to get the best fit.

Cuff length 

The primary purpose of a cuff is to keep snow from getting into your gloves and melting, therefore preventing the interior of your gloves becoming wet as the ice melts and making your hands cold in the process.

The cuff length varies between glove brands. While some cuffs are designed to be worn underneath your jacket, others are meant to go over. The cuff therefore acts as a barrier, and keeps any skin that would otherwise be exposed to the elements nice and warm as you ski.

The cuff length that you choose mainly comes down to your personal preference and the type of style you want to go for.

That being said, you will need to take your other ski equipment into consideration, as your ski jacket may be a determining factor when it comes to choosing which cuff length will work best for you.

Always make sure that you check the cuff length and the way that it should be worn before clicking ‘buy’.


Another important factor to consider when purchasing any item of clothing is the maintenance, or how you wash the item.

Skiing is a high impact sport that you have to wear a lot of layers for, from thermals to ski jackets, which by nature can cause you to sweat a lot.

As a result, to maintain your gloves, you will need to make sure that you’re taking care of them and washing them regularly after every trip away.

Many ski gloves are hand wash only, while others can be placed into the washing machine with your other laundry. Which type of gloves you buy will largely depend on your lifestyle and your preferences. 

However, you will need to make sure that you opt for gloves that are convenient for you to take care of. If you would prefer ski gloves that you can machine wash, make sure that it is safe to do so before purchasing them.

You don’t want to be in a position whereby you end up with gloves that you can only hand wash, when you would rather machine wash them.

This will likely lead to you not making the effort to clean them, and will cause foul odors and result in your gloves deteriorating at a quicker rate. If this happens, you won’t get the most out of your investment, and buying the gloves will be a waste.

To be safe, always check the product description for more information on how to maintain your ski gloves, and make your choice in accordance with that.


When purchasing ski gloves, you may want to consider purchasing ski gloves with secure zipper pockets. 

Although this is a design element that isn’t totally necessary, many ski gloves come with convenient pockets that are handy to keep disposable hand warmers that you can insert into your gloves during those particularly cold days.

In addition to this, having zip pockets allows you to keep small possessions, such as your key safe when you’re out on the slopes. 

That being said, you will also have your ski jacket and pants, meaning that you’ll have lots of places to keep your possessions safe provided that you have multiple zips to secure them. As a result, pockets aren’t entirely necessary if you’d prefer a pair of gloves without them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ski gloves the same as snow gloves?

You can wear both ski and snowboard specific gloves for either of the sports. That being said, the primary difference between ski gloves and snow gloves is that snowboarders tend to wear mittens for warmth.

In addition to this, snowboarding gloves often have more wrist protection on the wrist and knuckles.

Should I ski with gloves or mittens?

Generally speaking, gloves are better suited for skiing as they provide better dexterity and make it much easier for you to grip onto your ski poles.

However, if you’re stuck between two, I recommend trying on both and seeing what feels the most comfortable while you’re holding onto your ski poles.

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