Best Belts for Men in 2022

Men often disregard belts as an essential element of their wardrobe until they need a specific look, such as a formal event or a special day. They can discover older ones in their closet, but that belt may not be appropriate for special occasions. Am I correct?

While you may think belts are only for formal wear, they are also essential for everyday use and casual wear, especially if you want to add a little flair to your outfit. 

Belts don’t have to be expensive; they simply need to be robust if you want them to last. Find the greatest belts for your wardrobe by reading through this article’s recommendations.

Let’s get into some of the best belts for men you’ll find on the market.

Starting with…

Main Street Forge Bootlegger

Main Street Forge Bootlegger

Material: Full-grain leather

The Main Street Forge Bootlegger is a gorgeous full-grain leather belt with the exceptional build quality, elegance, and longevity. The material has a distinct leather scent and a little rustic feel despite its luxurious appearance. A few weeks of wearing it will soften and supple it more, making it even more comfortable.

Unlike most department store crap belts, the Bootlegger Leather Belt isn’t as rigid. As soon as you wear it, the full-grain leather will mold to your body, making it both incredibly comfortable and durable.

Pony Plaque Leather Belt

Pony Plaque Leather Belt

Material: Leather, metal.

Finished with Ralph Lauren’s tarnished metal clasp, this Vachetta leather belt adds Polo elegance to everyday ensembles.

This Ralph Lauren belt is a steal at a fraction of the cost of some of our more expensive options. To be honest, there isn’t much to indicate that this is what you’re getting if you avoid the louder logos and more striking design elements of some designer selections.

It’s a well-made leather belt, and it looks well on. Sizing up may be necessary, as some reviewers found their standard belt sizes abnormally small.

Groove Belt by Groove Life

Groove Belt by Groove Life

Material: Nylon, Aluminum.

The Groove Belt by Groove Life may be what you’re looking for if you’re not into leather belt material. It’s a sturdy tactical belt created from a super-strong, unique webbing that’s designed to keep up with you all day long.

Wearing one is as simple as making one adjustment and then forgetting about it. Stretch in just the right amounts makes the Groove Belt the most comfortable belt you’ve ever worn all day long.

In addition to the nylon, this belt emphasizes the importance of the buckle. Magnets made of neodymium are used in the buckle for a quick and fast snap-on/snap-off. In addition, Stiff-Tech™ is a part of the mix.

Anderson’s Brown Suede Western Belt

Anderson’s Brown Suede Western Belt

Material: Calf Leather

This calf leather suede belt is simple and beautiful, making it perfect for a day at the races.

To get the most out of your time and money, invest in a high-quality belt like Anderson’s, which is built to last. It’s composed of supple dark-brown suede that will wear wonderfully fastened with a buckle and tipping reminiscent of the Western style.

It’s not overtly costumey, so you may wear it with various outfits. There is nothing inherently wrong with the Western aesthetic, but it is a liberation that is worth pursuing.

Lavemi Men’s Real Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

Lavemi Men’s Real Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

Material: 100% Leather

This leather belt is designed without holes. Its ratchet system provides you with 38 adjustments and a sleek look because of the lack of holes.

It also has a detachable buckle which allows you to cut the belt into a perfect size for you. Other benefits include quickly locking your belt by simply sliding it in the buckle. 

Looking good was made easy by this sleek, easy-to-use leather belt. The material is scratch-resistant and will last long. 

Carharrt’s Hamilton Belt

Carharrt’s Hamilton Belt

Material: Top Grain Leather

This edgy belt complements both work jeans and khakis with ease. Top-grain leather with double-row stitching is used to construct this Carhartt belt, designed to last.

As it ages and hardens, this particular type of leather develops a unique luster and hardness than any other kind of leather can’t match. Because Carhartt has been designing and manufacturing high-quality gear for decades, you should never settle for anything less than the best. It’s one of the best belts for men who need versatility in their daily life.

In addition to detail and design, this top grain leather belt comes with a Carhartt logo engraved on the buckle so that you can swap out your favorite buckle for one of your own.

JUKMO Tactical Belt

JUKMO Tactical Belt

Material: Nylon, Aluminum alloy

This belt is perfect for the military, fire department, or other heavy tactical duty. Its material is made to last long. It is very stretchable and robust so that It remains tight as you work. 

Its buckle was improved to adjust and put on their belts quickly. This makes it more convenient to wear.

Overall, this is a well-rounded belt. It’s built strong yet provides you comfort when worn. As a gift, this will surely impress the recipient.

Beltox Fine Men’s Dress Belt

Beltox Fine Men’s Dress Belt

Material: Leather, Alloy

This is one of the best belts for men on a budget. You can now change your style without buying another one with this belt. Its rotating buckle lets the user choose which color to use.

Beltox provides you options for which duo of colors you want. Changing colors is as simple as rotating the buckle. The two hues represent the belt’s inside and exterior colors, explaining why the buckle may be rotated.

One belt yet two styles. This is a great deal that will spice up your wardrobe.

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