Best Beard Growth Kit

When it comes to our facial hair we want it to look good and filled out, but as a lot of us know, it does not always work out that way. We look at other guys’ beards and think, ‘why is mine so patchy?’ without realizing that it is actually a lot more common than you may think. 

Even so, it can be a nightmare trying to grow out a full beard and being left with patches that contain no hair, ruining the overall look of the facial hair.

A quick airbrush on photos may help online (if you have the ability), but what about in real life where you have to face people daily?

Best Beard Growth Kit

Fear not, because there is an answer to your problems. Beard growth kits are going to be your new go-to when it comes to filling out those patchy areas.

Yes, they look kind of scary right now with all the products included, but this handy guide will help to give you all the information that you need to know before investing in a kit to try. 

So, read on and soon you will be starting that journey to having that awesome beard you were after in the first place.

Beard Growth Kit

Beard Growth Kit

The Beard Growth Kit comes with a fair few items that help with the stimulation of hair on the face, plus a drawstring bag to put it all in so you can store it away out of sight, or just to keep it all together safely.

The 0.25mm titanium Beard Roller (otherwise known as the derma roller) can be used on the face where the facial hair grows to stimulate hair growth within balding areas.

Not only that, it can be used on the whole face to also stimulate collagen production and get rid of acne scars, sun damage and help skin cell turnover – but all of this will take time.

According to the brand, a shorter length derma roller will only help with the oil’s absorption (the beard growth oil for example), and not the production of new collagen and hair follicles, so the 0.25mm is a perfect size. 

Along with the derma roller, you apply the beard growth oil afterwards, or activator serum as it is also known. It contains 100% natural ingredients along with active ingredients such as arginine and biotin.

In their clinical study, they said the results have shown that the average man gained 13.500 hairs, with an increase of 52% in hair density. All of this was done over 150 days – which is around just over 5 months.

The kit also comes with a comb to brush through the hair, and beard balm to keep that facial hair in check.

The smell is of tea tree, so if you are not a fan, then you will not like this on your face. It actually is not that bad though, and it does give it a fresh appeal.

Some people have stated that they cannot feel the derma roller, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. You do not want to be feeling pain whilst using it!


  • 0.25mm derma roller – helps to stimulate hair follicles and collagen
  • Extra accessories – including a storage bag and beard comb
  • 100% natural ingredients – no hidden nasties 


  • Smells of tea tree – which may not be to everyone’s taste

Fulllight Tech Beard Growth Kit

Beard Kit for Men Grooming & Care

If you are looking for a full-on whammy of a kit, then this is most certainly it. Another one that comes with a drawstring bag to keep it all in, the Fulllight Tech beard growth kit also doubles up as a beard grooming kit.

This is a good kit if you do not want to use a derma roller, and instead want to generally grow out the beard, as well as care for it and hopefully have a full looking beard by the time you have reached the desired length.

It does include its own beard growth oil that has been formulated to help promote beard growth as well as keep the hair smooth and soft – we all know how coarse it can get.

The beard growth oil is made up of beneficial ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter and argan oil, without any harsh chemicals added. 

The kit (alongside the two beard growth oils) also comes with a beard shampoo, beard balm, a brush, a comb, stainless steel scissors and a free e-book on how to care for the beard.

Whereas it does not concentrate on full beard growth for patchy areas, it will help with the maintenance and overall look of the beard, which will in turn make your beard look more full and cared for.


  • Good value kit – you get a lot of kit to help maintain and grow a healthy beard
  • Highly rated – a lot of people like the beard kit
  • No harsh chemicals – should be suitable for even sensitive skin


  • Not for patchy hair – it will not stimulate new hair follicles 

Safenorth Beard Growth Kit

Safenorth Beard growth kit
Safenorth Beard growth kit

If you want something that looks just as good as the products are, then look no further. The Safenorth beard growth kit comes with a handy deep brown colored wash bag to keep all the products in, or you can repurpose it as your go-to travel wash bag.

This kit comes with a 0.5mm derma roller that features 540 titanium needles. It is smaller in size compared to the Beard Growth Kit, so it may be better suited for those who would like something a little less harsh on the skin, or particularly if you have sensitive skin. 

The derma roller will still penetrate the top layer of the skin forcing it to heal, and in doing so it will activate new hair follicles and collagen during the natural healing process. 

The kit comes with beard growth oil which can be used by massaging in with the fingers, or as you use the derma roller.

This apparently can also soothe any discomfort you feel whilst using it. It also has no scent which may benefit those with really sensitive skin, or if you do not want it to clash with other fragrances. 

Also included is beard growth balm to use post oil and a stainless steel razor to shape the beard. It is a nice little set and great for those who want to begin growing their beard. As usual, give it time to see any results as it is not an overnight thing.


  • Includes a wash bag – which can be used with the kit or other grooming products
  • The oil has no scent – which is good for sensitive skin and does not mix with other fragrances
  • Beard growth balm – helps to keep the beard strong and manageable


  • 0.5 derma roller – may feel too short for some but great for sensitive skin

Follicle Booster 4-in-1 Beard Growth Kit

Beard Growth Kit - 5 in 1
Beard Growth Kit – 5 in 1

Growing a thicker beard is bound to take time, but with the right tools to do the job, you are probably already halfway there.

The Follicle 4-in-1 is an all-rounder that includes a number of items to help with the process of achieving a fuller beard. It has been created by a guy who has struggled with what he calls ‘lousy hair genetics’.

It includes a beard soap that has been formulated with coconut oil, shea butter, and even orange extract to kick off the routine with a citrus bang – amongst other ingredients. 

Once you have cleansed using the special bar soap (remember to concentrate on the facial hair), it is time to massage the beard growth oil (which is known here as Beard Growth Juice) into the facial hair and then use the 0.25mm 540 titanium needle derma roller on the areas covered with oil. 

The oil includes ingredients such as biotin, apple extract, added vitamins and Indian keno tree extract. 

It also comes with a comb to keep with you as you go about your day – you never know when you will need to comb through the hair – and two free e-books on how to use the products properly, and how to care for your beard.

The products are completely vegan and suitable for most skin types, even sensitive, plus it is budget-friendly and is highly rated, so could be your new go-to.

It does not include a bag to store any of the products in, but you will probably keep it in the bathroom anyway – it is just always handy to have!


  • 0.25mm derma roller – perfect for doing the job of promoting skin cell turnover
  • A complete kit – which includes a cleanser, comb and oil
  • Highly rated – a lot of positive reviews


  • No storage – unlike other kits, it does not come with a bag to store the products in

Crafted Beard Growth Kit

Beard Growth Kit - Hair Growth & Hair Serum
Beard Growth Kit – Hair Growth & Hair Serum 

Sometimes you just want a really simple kit that will do its job, and that is where the Crafter beard growth kit comes in. With a derma roller and beard growth oil, it really is just an easy kit to get behind, especially if you want no fuss.

There is no mention of the size of the needles when it comes to the derma roller, though it is made out of 540 small titanium needles which will give a great impact on the skin to promote blood circulation and skin renewal.

In doing so it will help to form brand new hair follicles where you may be balding.

The oil includes ingredients such as hempseed oil, castor oil, vitamin e oil and jojoba oil.

It says it includes 100% natural ingredients, so if you would rather use all natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals, then look no further (though this is the last one in the list!). 

It promises results in 4-8 weeks, so this could be the kit you are after if you are looking for fast results. The brand does say their oil is 10x stronger than other oils out there, so maybe that is why? There is only one way to find out, of course…


  • Money back guarantee – the brand process a full refund if you are not happy with the results
  • Quick results – it claims it may give you results in 4-8 weeks, though to be on the safe side, give it longer before you see if it is working
  • 100% natural ingredients – rather than harsh chemicals


  • Unknown derma roller needle size – but apparently it still does the job well

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen the top 5 beard growth kits, let us take a look at the key areas to focus on before purchasing the ideal one for beard hair heaven.

Derma Roller

A lot of the kits come with a derma roller which normally has 540 titanium needles in varying sizes, though the most common size is 0.25 with the smallest being 0.5mm. If you want a stronger ‘pinch’ on the skin, then you will want a higher mm length of the needle.

However, it does not mean it will work better, and may actually cause more damage if done at home. A professional will use a much longer derma roller and because of that it will hurt.

Due to it hurting they will use a numbing cream beforehand, and the results afterwards usually show a very red face. 

When it comes to the beard, you do not need to go to such lengths. A 0.25mm length will do the job just fine.

The whole point of the derma roller is to penetrate the skin to promote the natural healing process of the skin.

This in turn brings blood to the surface for better circulation, as well as helps the formation of new follicles to fill in patchy areas of the facial hair. It can also promote collagen for skin elasticity. Basically, it has many uses so it can be used across the whole face.

Beard Growth Oil

Because it is all about growing the beard and filling out areas, it is best to use the derma roller alongside a beard growth serum. In theory, the derma roller is meant to also help penetrate the serum or oil deeper into your skin’s layers. 

When you find a kit that you like, make sure it comes with some form of serum or oil, rather than just a derma roller. The secret to new beard thickness is normally due to using both of these things together, rather than just the one.

As stated previously, the derma roller can be used on the entire face – in fact, it is beneficial for some skin conditions such as acne scars. However, to even attempt trying to promote hair growth, it must be used alongside some form of ‘activator’. 


Whereas some brands say it takes a few months and others say it takes a few weeks to work its magic, it is always best to give it time to really see the results.

Something like this will not happen overnight and it is always best to at least give it a couple of months before you see any differences.

The majority of negative reviews on products are from people who say something does not work for them, but that is because everyone is different.

An ingredient that works for you may not work for a friend, for example, so like with most things, it is all about trial and error until you find that Holy Grail. 

Plus, you need to give it time – just remember that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do beard growth kits work?

They actually do work, but it is also about giving them time. Anything that has to do with the skin needs a few months before you will see any improvements, and this is no different.

They work because the right vitamins within the oil will help with follicle production, and the derma roller itself helps with the absorption of the beard oil. 

So it all comes down to using the correct ingredients, otherwise you will not see an improvement, even after a few months.

Do derma rollers help with beard growth?

Not only does it help with keratin production and activating collagen, the microneedling from the roller may help to boost nutrient-rich blood flow to the area which will improve beard growth. 

Having healthy blood circulation is most certainly necessary for beard growth and generally healthy skin. 

Does a derma roller hurt?

The at-home derma roller needles are quite short and usually just give a slight prick sensation to the skin, so you do not want to press too hard.

If you were to have this done professionally, the needles will be bigger and therefore the professional will use something like a numbing cream first.

Just remember to always clean it with an alcohol-based cleanser before each use – you are causing tiny cuts into the skin.

Do I need a derma roller to grow beard hair?

No, you can always invest in oils and brushes, it really just all depends on preference. There are many different types of kits, so it may be fun to try different methods – but do give them enough time to work. 

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