25 Best Workout Shorts for Men

There are two important things to keep in mind when preparing to get active: the type of exercise you want to perform and the apparel you exercise in. Wearing the wrong type of attire can distract you or limit your mobility, both resulting in a less-than-stellar workout. And there’s nothing worse than going in with the intention of achieving your best set, only to have that potential ruined by wearing the wrong gear. Place the frustration all on those low-quality workout shorts.

For men, shorts are often a staple in apparel, when it comes to working out there are different styles, fit, and range of motion for different purposes. Whether you’re lifting in the gym or hiking the great outdoors, this list of the 25 best workout shorts has you covered.

For the Bodybuilder

Every rep matters when bodybuilding, the last thing you want to do is stop mid-set to adjust your shorts. This is where light and flexible performance shorts come in, you know: the type of shorts that’ll complement those quads you’ve been spending days on.

Jed North

Jed North workout shorts fit freely to ensure a distraction-free workout.

Photo by Jed North, Agile Shorts – Green


Created for both function and style, Ryderwear provides an array of training shorts

Photo by Ryderwear, Action Mesh Shorts


YoungLA workout shorts were crafted for the bodybuilder in mind. 

Photo by YoungLA, Interlock Lifting Shorts

Barbell Apparel

Designed with athletic legs in mind, Barbell Apparel will be your go-to gym shorts.

Photo by Barbell Apparel, Phantom Short – Cobalt

Gorilla Wear 

Gorilla Wear workout shorts provide an endless range of motion for your workout.

Photo by Gorilla Wear. Franklin Shorts Army Green Camo

For the Outdoors

Chances are you’ve been impacted by the stay at home orders one way or another. If so, you may have been taking your workouts outside. These workout shorts can withstand whatever conditions you may encounter and even have a dedicated place to put your phone.


Patagonia is known for its outdoor apparel and provides lightweight durable shorts for any activity.

Photo by Patagonia, Men’s Nine Trails Shorts – 8”

Alpha Prime Apparel

Alpha Prime Apparel workout shorts are a four-way stretch bottom, providing security and comfort whichever route you choose to go. 

Photo by Alpha Prime Apparel, Alpha Reflective Shorts

Born Tough

Born Tough workout shorts were made for the tough but also have multiple pockets to keep your belongings safe.

Photo by Born Tough, Zipper Cargo Shorts


Fabletics offers a variety of shorts that are designed for the journey in mind. If you can’t decide on what print then take the Fabletics style quiz to find the perfect pair. 

Photo by Fabletics. The Stamina Run Short Kit 2-Piece Kit

For the Athlete

Some work out while others train. If you identify with the latter, chances are you’re an athlete. Luckily, there are plenty of brands that are designed for the athlete in mind, no matter what exercise or drills you’re doing there’s a pair of shorts for you.


Known for the variety of sports apparel, Nike workout shorts are no different. From track to basketball, Nike shorts fit anyone comfortably.

Nike AeroSwift Men's 1/2-Length Running Tights
Photo by Nike, AeroSwift 1/2 Running Tights


Adidas keeps the sweat in check with their climate control workout shorts.

Photo by Adidas, ID Shorts

Under Armour

The opportunity to train harder in light fitted workout shorts is what makes Under Armour perfect for the athlete. 

Photo by Under Armour. The Stamina Run Short Kit 2-Piece Kit Midnight Navy


Puma has options for every athlete. Their workout shorts also offer a dry release control so there’s no worry about overheating.

Last Lap Men's Colorblock Shorts, Puma Black-Ignite Pink, extralarge
Photo by Puma, Last Lap Colorblock Short

New Balance 

Designed for performance and comfort, New Balance workout shorts are great for any sport.

Photo by New Balance, Printed Fast Flight Short

For the Aesthetic

Whether you’re trying to look the part in the gym or just want to throw on some comfortable shorts in case you decide at the last minute to hit a workout, there’s no shame in owning some athleisure wear.  


Alphalete creates sleek and highly-in-demand shorts for men and for any physique. 

Photo by Alphalete, Identity Shorts


Champion is a brand that has made a big comeback and offers shorts with a variety of designs. 

Photo by Champion, Crinkle Nylon Shorts

Squat Wolf

Squat Wolf designs  their shorts for any workout in mind, so you can get fit in style.

Photo by Squat Wolf, 2-in-1 Dry Tech Shorts – Maroon

Outdoor Voices 

Outdoor Voices workout shorts are versatile and sure to provide you comfort as they work to resist against high sweat.

Photo by Outdoor Voices, Dove Fleck Rec Shorts 7″


Lululemon’s workout shorts will up your workout aesthetic to the max.

Photo by Lululemon, Pace Breaker Short 5′ Linerless


Gymshark has an array of styles for any outing, as their shorts also provide comfort.

Photo by Gymshark, Blue Sports Shorts

For the Heavy Lifter

Sometimes a workout is an outlet after a stressful day of work, or it’s something you just enjoy giving everything to. You may have worried about shorts not holding up for heavy lifts and movements, but these brands got you covered.

Better Bodies

Better Bodies apparel was created for the athletes who understand the hours it takes to sculpt the body, which is why their workout shorts are said to fit anyone.

Thumbnail image of Tapered Sweatshorts
Photo by Better Bodies, Tapered Sweatshorts


Rhone workout shorts are premium quality with multi-training in mind, so no need to worry about coverage.

Photo by Rhone, Versatility Short – Lined


NOBULL training gear was built for those who train hard and their selection of shorts is no exception.

Photo by NOBULL, Men’s knit Short 8.5”


Rogue creates equipment for Crossfit but also apparel for the heavy lifters. Their shorts come in an array of options for strength or conditioning.

Photo by Rogue Fitness, Black Ops Shorts 6″ Heather Charcoal


Legends workout shorts are versatile, lightweight, and breathable — nothing sounds better than that to a heavy lifter.

Photo by Legends, Relay Shorts Liner

After reading this list, there’s no excuse to not work out in comfort and style — or at least look the part. And if you’ve been looking for a perfect fit tailored to your lifestyle, then look no further! Whether you want to beat the heat in the warm weather or keep it cool year round, we hope we’ve been able to help you find your new favorite pair. Remember: Life is short, sport the shorts.

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