50 Best 1-Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

Your first anniversary is the celebration of a beautiful start to your marriage life. Having the perfect gift to commemorate this milestone will make your day even more special.

Traditionally, the first-year anniversary gift is paper — it symbolizes the blank pages you have to fill as you move through each chapter of your life together. For the modern couple, the perfect gift is a watch, which symbolizes the timeless nature of love.

Whether you’re a traditional gentleman or a modern one, we’re here to help you choose the perfect gift to celebrate your first anniversary as a married couple.

  1. Paper Flowers – This is a traditional first anniversary gift that will easily make your wife smile. You can buy pre-made paper flowers or put in the extra effort and make them yourself.
  1. Wrist Watch – A wonderful way to commemorate the first year that you just had together. To make it even more memorable, get a watch that was made on the year that you got married!
Edizione Venezia
Omega Edizione Venezia Watch
  1. Cake – Not just any cake. Get (or make) your wife a cake that will remind her of the cake you had on your wedding day.
  1. Love Note – Think of the best way you can describe your first year together and have it framed. Let it be a reminder of your love throughout the years.
  1. Photo Collage – Your first year of marriage is an adventure. Gather snapshots of your daily life, from your first meal, first vacation, and even your first fight as a married couple if you have one, and put it into an artwork.
  1. Handwritten Letter – Since paper symbolizes the blank pages you write your love story on, why not literally write about it? You can even send it via snail mail to make it exciting.
9 People Reveal The Cutest Love Letters Their Partners Have Written Them, &  Now I'm Crying
  1. Origami Wall Clock – This is the perfect traditional-meets-modern first wedding anniversary gift since it represents both paper and watch together.
  1. Star Map – This Star Map can be customized to show how the sky was lit on your wedding day.
Star Map
  1. Origami Coffee Dripper – This coffee dripper from Japan is origami-inspired. It’s a perfect paper-based wedding gift if your wife loves coffee.
ORIGAMI Dripper Brewing recipe: How we do it at Kurasu
Origami Dripper
  1. Beach Trip – A vacation will always be a perfect gift, no matter the occasion. Treat your wife to the perfect vacation and relive your honeymoon moments.
  1. Romantic Card Game – This is something to make your nights together even more fun. Get her a game that will both get you thinking (and flirting).
Spark Romance
  1. Spa Day – Allow your wife to pamper herself during a relaxing spa day. Bonus points if you can join her for a romantic couples’ massage.
Escape to a private couples spa cabin at Secrets Akumal for a day of  pampering and relaxation with the one you love! | Chill out room, House  styles, Couple room
  1. Love Coupons – The paper gift that gives your wife the freedom to choose her gift. These coupons were made to be redeemed by your wife whenever she wants.
Love Coupons - 18 Gifts In One — Elephant On The Road
  1. Customized Music Box – This music box can be customized to play the tune of your theme song as a couple.
Custom Music Box
  1. Gratitude Journal – This journal lets you document your days together and gives you something to look back on.
  1. Origami Inspired Jewelry – These paper-inspired jewelry are beautifully unique and will remind her of your anniversary every time she wears it.
  1. Create Your Own Reel Viewer – This is a fun way to relive your memories together. Choose your best first moments as a married couple and view them through the reel viewer.
Create Your Own Reel Viewer
  1. Customized Vinyl Record – Your anniversary is all about reminiscing about your wedding night. A customized vinyl record with the song for your first dance will definitely sweep her off her feet.
Personalized LP Record | custom album, record | Uncommon Goods
  1. The Couple’s Bucket List – The first year of marriage is all about having a lot of firsts together as a married couple. It’s also a great time to plan all the other things that you want to cross off! This bucket list will help inspire more ideas of what memories you want to make together.
The Couple's Bucket List | Romantic Games, Date Ideas | Uncommon Goods
  1. We Found Each Other Custom Puzzle – This customized puzzle commemorates the sweet moments you had at a certain place.
We Found Each Other Custom Puzzle
  1. Sound Wave Art – This sound wave art can be customized to show the corresponding sound waves for when you both said “I Do.”
Great idea! :) send them a personalized recording for your loved one and they will turn it into an art piece. I DO Wedding Vow Sound Wave Art  Vow by ArtsyVoiceprint
  1. Memory Box – A box full of paper that’s filled with wonderful memories.
  1. Time Capsule – Creating a time capsule and filling it with your memories as a newly married couple will be something delightful to look forward to in the future!
Time Capsule Gift
  1. Matching Tattoos – Getting matching items are cute but getting matching tattoos will last forever.
  1. Sexy Art Kit – Get down and dirty and make some…art! A sexy art kit will let you get creative and give you a naughty remembrance for your first anniversary.
Sexy Art Kit - Creative Gift Ideas and Curious Goods
  1. Grow Old With Me Sundial – For the modern clock gift but with an ancient twist to it. A sundial is a reminder of how your love will continue to rise every day — just like the sun!
Grow Old With Me Sundial Gift
  1. A Private Dinner with a Private Chef – For the fancy gentleman who wants to make their night even more special. Great food in he privacy of your home is definitely romantic.

Private Chef in French Riviera - French Riviera Services

  1. Embroidered Toilet Roll – Your first anniversary gift doesn’t have to be so serious. Here’s one that will definitely start some laughs. It’s still paper!
  1. Customized Glassware – A personalized wine glass or champagne flute is always a good idea since it’s something that you can use often and remind her of how much you love her (and how funny you are).
1 year anniversary gift for wife 1st anniversary gift for image 0
  1. Paper Inspired Furniture – Getting a “paper” related gift doesn’t literally have to be paper. Here’s something classy and functional that will be a perfect addition to your home.
Cut & Fold: Modern, Origami-Like Furniture
  1. Wedding Invitation Necklace – This necklace has a piece of yout wedding invitation cut out. It’s the perfect romantic fashion piece.
Wedding Invitation Necklace / Paper Anniversary Gift for Her / Necklace Only
  1. Digital Art Photo of Your Wedding Day – Have your photo transformed into digital art and have it framed to create a unique modern gift.
One Year Anniversary 1St Wedding Anniversary Gift For Him image 0
  1. Mixtape – Here’s a special way to instantly transport you both to memory lane. Fill it up with your date songs and spend the night remembering your sweet moments together.
Wedding Song Request Cards - Tape Cassette Mixtape Inspired Design (Pa –  Love Me Do Designs
  1. Personalized Four Across Lawn Game – If you’re a couple that likes to play games, here’s a fun, personalized one you can play during your celebration.
  1. Couple’s Journal – This is the perfect opportunity to document your love story and have moments to look back on in the years to come.
  1. Paper Vase – These paper vases are trendy and make a perfect first-year anniversary gift for the classy wife.
Eye Travel Lab Paper Vase Set
  1. Wine Class – Getting into a new hobby together is something that is always exciting for a newly married couple.
Manila Wine: Beginners Wine Class
  1. Letterpress Vows – Have your vows leterpressed for an elegant reminder of your lifelong promises to each other.
Letterpress Vows for Wedding Anniversary
  1. Vintage Copy of Her Favorite Book – Getting a vintage copy of her favorite book, comic, or magazine shows how much you know her — and is still within the “paper” theme for first wedding anniversary gifts.
Vintage Educator Classic Library Book Set, Hardcover Book Set of 12, Classic  Reads | Classic library, Book set, Library books
  1. Watercolor Starter Set – Getting your wife into a new hobby is a very romantic gesture. If she has shown interest in painting, getting her a starter set will help inspire creativity.
15 Best Watercolor Paint Sets for Beginners and Professionals
  1. Travel Map – For the wanderlust couple, this travel map will help you keep track of the destinations you’ve been to and your future plans.
World Map Push Pin World Map Wall Art Includes the USA image 0
  1. Personalized Box of Chocolates – Giving chocolates is always a good idea. Make it extra special and have it personalized for a sweeter gift.
Personalised Belgian Chocolates - 1st Anniversary
  1. Personalized Spoof News Article – Have some fun in being your own editor and create a news spread of the year that you had together.
Personalised Spoof Newspaper Article - Anniversary
  1. Comic Strip – Turn your love story into a comic strip and have fun reminiscing while smiling at yourselves as cartoon characters.
first wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife
  1. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – This doubles as a design piece and a fun activity.
105 pc Puzzle Guest Book CUSTOM INITIAL Hand Cut Wooden Jigsaw | Etsy
  1. Book Lamp – This book opens up into a lamp. It’s a fun paper-related gift that is functional and quirky at the same time.
first anniversary gift carnations
  1. Paper Sculpture – Impress your wife by getting (or making) her a paper sculpture. This makes for a beautiful and meaningful addition to your home.
paper anniversary gift
  1. Care Package – Take note of the small things that make your wife smile and put it into one package.
first anniversary gift
  1. Pocket Watch – A sophisticated pocket watch that you can customize with your wedding date or part of your vows.
Pocket Watch, Engraved Pocket Watch, Personalized Pocket Watch, Brass Pocket  Watch, Groomsmen Pocket Watches, Wedding Gifts #2258462 - Weddbook
  1. Cooking Classes – Gift her with a cooking class or better yet, join a cooking class and surprise her with a home-cooked meal, made with your newly learned skills.

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