10 People to Follow On Twitter To Make You Healthier

Temptation and allure pave the road towards a fit and healthy body. Many falter and few succeed. It is, however, in this day and age, far from impossible.

Through discipline, mental fortitude, and consistent positive external motivation, a healthy body is within reach. And despite the challenges that come with the pursuit of wellness, it is, of course, as the cliche goes: health is wealth.

The internet has become the Holy Grail of information, and with its development is the revolutionization of access to information. From blogs to social networking sites, information exploration on health and wellness itself has been ushered into fresh and new pastures. Sports coaches have gained new platforms in which to share training videos and fitness personalities have been dubbed as ‘influencers’ as they share their daily affairs with audiences from far and wide.

This, for audiences and health enthusiasts, means the availability of free and consumable content from many different parts of the internet. One prime example of such a place is Twitter. A social networking site that allows users to broadcast and showcase events in their lives they wish to share.

Through Twitter, influencers, healthcare professionals, doctors, athletes, and coaches have become empowered in sharing their thoughts, experiences, and recommendations through platforms available to them — like Twitter.

Here are some personalities you can follow on the bird app that will make you healthier:

Bob Harper (@mytrainerbob)

Yes, that is correct. The Biggest Loser’s Host Bob Harper. Bob is a Health and Fitness Expert and Heart Attack Survivor. On a typical day, Bob shares his fitness wisdom with his followers. Bob is also very vocal about his advocacies online and will help audiences’ perceptions of real and current issues in the health industry.

Joy Bauer (@joybauer)

Joy Bauer is a nutrition expert in Today Show for the segment JoyFull Eats who has also penned several books on nutritious food and fitness.

Lauren Conrad (@LaurenConrad)

Aside from being an authority on beauty and fashion, Lauren Conrad shares tips on style and dressing up accompanied by make-up guides that have made up the dynamic duo that is her Twitter content. She also shares her insights on eating right and working — which her followers simply can’t get enough of.

Leo Babauta (@zen_habits)

Leo Babauta is the man behind the Twitter moniker, @zenhabits. Leo, through his Twitter accounts, has calmed and uplifted his followers by imparting inspirational, motivational, and reassuring quotes from famous personalities, celebrities, and his very own heart.

Robb Wolf (@robbwolf)

Beyond being a two-time New York Times bestseller, Robb Wolf is the leader of the paleo movement and is a Research Biochemist. Rob tweets valuable information and engages his followers with recipes and paleo success stories.

KellyOlexa (@KellyOlexa)

As a Health and Wellness Entrepreneur, Kelly Olexa’s Twitter account is filled with health and wellness tips from dietary information and recommendations to fitness and weight loss tips.

Vani Hari (@thefoodbabe)

The Food Babe, or Vani Hari, is an internet sleuth who lives a double life of a writer and food activist. Vani has a knack for deep-diving into food mysteries that uncover what goes into our food. Among her triumphs is the eventual removal of food dye from Kraft’s Mac and Cheese. Her Twitter profile, @thefoodbabe is filled with information on a multitude of food and products and what they contain. If products aren’t as safe as advertised, Vani is not afraid of a vindictive exposition.

Chris Kresser (@chriskresser)

As a successful author, Chris Kresser has taken a plethora of approaches to a healthy lifestyle. He intends to cover as many bases as possible by tweeting about the latest in food technology and throw in stress management regimens with it as well. As far as information goes, Chris’ Twitter profile is the complete package.

Mark Sisson (@Mark_Sisson)

Another NY Times bestseller on this list is Mark Sission, the very brains behind the Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple. His Twitter profile is full of timely and relevant data and readings on paleo. Mark was also an endurance athlete back in his day and is a staunch advocate of the paleo movement.

Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock)

You can’t be named “The Rock” and not live up to it. In his Twitter profile, Dwayne Johnson uploads pictures of his intense exercise regiment and consistently tweets motivational quotes and words of encouragement. The Rock, through his Bird App, has redefined the very meaning of focus and determination.

Remember: it helps to have some support. And sometimes, support can come from odd places — the internet made sure of that. It can take some searching but, with this list, at least there’s a place to start.

There’s more to fitness than just tweets from different knowledgeable sources and celebrities. Information, however, is power — and in the journey to health and wellness, empowerment may just be the thing you need to get over a slump.

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