10 Best Slim Wallets For Men

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Past vs. Now
Form and Function
Health Benefits
10 Best Slim Wallets for Men

The layman will often think that slim wallets and traditional wallets possess little to no difference. However, it has been proven by both science and the eye test that slim and traditional wallets are, simply put, worlds apart.

This world is constantly changing — evolving every day — and with it, the innovations in technology, fashion, and utility. The emergence of these advancements improves the way people live and make lives easier.

In the context of wallets, however, this means moving on from wallets that affect the style, that don’t fit in a pocket, and that have been proven to be actual health hazards. Gone are the days when men settled for the same wallets that look like bars of leather.

Past vs. Now

The rule with advancement and innovation so far has been to make everything more portable, more streamlined, and, if possible, move it to the digital space. In light of that, a traditional and bulky wallet is the prime example of what the past looks like, and slim wallets that cater to all three aspects of development and innovation are the now.

Slim wallets, unlike the traditional counterpart, is the more portable choice, able to fit into most pocket designs available today. It is also the more streamlined choice, being more manageable and more efficient to produce. As the cherry on top, slim wallets are also the more digitized option, encouraging today’s stylish ladies and gents to use less physical payment while still giving you the option to keep some cash in case of an emergency. Cash is still king.

To get more profound and more informed insights, we put this debate under the scrutiny of world-renowned doctors and dissected the aesthetic effects of having one or the other. It’s time to settle the age-old dispute once and for all.

Form and Function

Image of a wallet (Mission Mercantile)

There have been long-standing myths about the differences between slim and traditional wallets. This is why the industry itself has been at the forefront and helm of the discussion.

In the case of being the more streamlined product, the slim wallet gets an edge over the bulkier counterpart because of its production benefit that allows the reduction of materials used. This is the reason for the slimmer and sexier form. In terms of comfort, slimmer wallets have also been the healthier choice, being a deterrent for possible structural damage to the back and able to fit in nearly all pockets.

In a blog by Paperwallet, an online store for cutting-edge wallet designs, believe that with the suitable innovative designs, slim wallets, even with fewer materials used in production, can hold just as much as traditional wallets. They also wrote that slimmer wallets are more aligned with today’s fashion trends.

Wirecutter, an extension of the New York Times, points out that the fatal flaw of the bulkier wallets was its influence on the way it looks with the person.

Writer Jason Chen writes that “a slim wallet makes your silhouette look less lumpy and bulky, regardless if you tuck it in your front pocket or back pocket.”

A blog by Men’s Gear also points out that a slim wallet extends the lifespan of your valuables, claiming that having a thicker variation would allow users to keep stuffing it with various things that would destroy cards or even banknotes.

Health Benefits

Area of the Spine affected by Wallet Neuritis (AICA Orthopedics)

Thick, traditional wallets are actual health hazards.

It’s not as farfetched as it sounds. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) calls a specific condition “Wallet Neuritis.” According to Abu Bakar Siddiq MD and his team of health professionals, “Wallet neuritis is an example of extra-spinal tunnel neuropathy concerning sciatic nerve.”

The condition causes pain around the buttocks and the thighs and is often misdiagnosed as other conditions. The medical team, who have published their findings in the US National Library of Medicine-National Institutes of Health, believe that by using a thick wallet, the posture of the pelvis, the dorso-lumbar spine is compromised which pressures pelvic muscles, intervertebral discs, nerve roots, and nerves unevenly.

This conclusively proves that slim wallets have become the more healthy and economical choice.


Image of a wallet (Upgraded Points)

Having big bifold wallets is a thing of the past. One of the biggest reasons is the practicality of carrying one around.

A bulky wallet, aside from being an actual health hazard, having to carry a thick, brick-looking wallet around can impose a lot of inconveniences to a man — or woman — on the move.

Having a bulky wallet can only mean one thing: there are too many things inside. This means it can be heavy and a hassle to keep around. A bulky brick in your pocket can also make it hard to make yourself comfortable. Imagine being at a party and not being able to sit correctly. You’d have a long night ahead of you.

Further, in matters of safety, slim wallets are inconspicuous. The world can be harsh. And one of the many things one may encounter is robbery and pickpocketing. One benefit a slim wallet can provide is making your essentials a smaller target. This can ultimately be the difference between safety and the less preferred result.

10 Best Slim Wallets for Men

In light of all the information summarized in this article, below are 10 slim wallets that fully deliver the features enumerated so far. 

Leatherology Thin Bifold Wallet

Image from Leatherology

The Leatherology Thin Bifold Wallet is a leather wallet in every sense of the word. No gimmicks, no complicatedly advanced materials, or even innovative pockets. It’s exactly what people get when they think about a “slim leather wallet.” As a leather wallet, it’s surprisingly low profile. It’s approximately less than ¾ inches thick, even filled with six cards. The material used on this piece is made of supple full-grain leather, which requires less processing need but is of higher quality than corrected-grain leathers.

Ekster Senate Cardholder Wallet

Image from Ekster

The Ekster Senate Cardholder is, by far, one of the more innovative designs on this list. It’s a slim leather card holder equipped with quick card access and a removable cash strap. To reimagine the traditional wallet, it makes use of a built-in aluminum cardholder that fans out cards for easy access through a click of a button. It benefits from RFID-blocking mechanisms, and it is also equipped with tracking systems that would make the wallet unlosable.

Slimfold Micro Soft Shell Wallet

Image from Slim Fold Wallet

The Slimfold Micro Soft Shell Wallet boasts a deceptively simple look while being extremely innovative with its functionality. Gore made use of waterproof softshell material for the wallet’s fabric and allowed the material to be as thin as a piece of paper despite high durability and flexibility. The wallet has a number of compartments that can hold up to 10 different cards and some cash without being deformed into an uncomfortable brick in your pockets. In a test by the New York Times, however, they were able to fit 13 cards into the wallet’s pockets.

Dun Wallet

Image from Dun Wallets

The Dun Wallet has been dubbed the thinnest wallet in the world. It’s an elegant rectangular wallet folded in the middle to be equipped with card slots. Unlike the common bifold, the Dun wallet does not have a cash sleeve that makes its thinner build. It uses a different storage system that uses a triangular piece of leather as a unique slot for bills.

Vaultskin CHELSEA Slim Minimalist Leather Men’s Wallet

Image from Vaultskin CHELSEA

Minimalist was the type of mind design when the Vaultskin CHELSEA Slim Minimalist Leather Men’s Wallet was created. It boasts a sleek and stylish option that is made of top-grain Italian leather. It has the capacity to hold eight cards and benefits from the protection of RFID blocking technology. The design exhibits a main pocket, a front slot, and side pockets for extra storage.

Allett Leather Sport Wallet

Image from Allett

The Allett Leather Sport Wallet is a breath of fresh air that hits the sweet spot between quality and affordability. This wallet circumvents the age-old problem of leather = expense by using soft leather for the exterior and switching to moisture-wicking nylon for the interior. Allett claims that five cards can fit in each wallet because of the reinforcing rubber that tightens the constitution of the pockets.

Slimfold Micro Tyvek Wallet

Image from Slimfold Wallet

Its vibrance and eccentrically sophisticated design are the Slimfold Micro Tyvek’s wallet’s primary selling points. But there’s more to this Tyvek product than that. Tyvek is a Dupont invention. Its creators are known for spinning polyethylene fibers together to construct a highly durable material. Its layout has three card slots, one cash pocket, and two hidden card slots behind the cash pocket. This utility, paired with the sophistication of its aesthetic design, makes for an excellent wallet that serves function and fashion.

Mighty Wallet

Image from Mighty Wallet Shop

To many Tyvek faithful, the Mighty Wallet is the Original Tyvek Wallet. Its classic design of having two expandable card pockets, two cash pockets, and two hidden pockets along the edges of the wallet has been around since 2005. This is the reason why utility and durability are the Mighty Wallet’s trademark. Making this wallet more desirable is its 43 different designs. There are designs that look like airmail envelopes, artwork, classic leather, and many more. This, of course, will depend on a consumer’s preference, but if endurance and storage are the demand, the Might Wallet has delivered since ‘05.

Leatherology Slim Card Case

Image from Leatherology

Many slim leather wallets have sacrificed function for form. This is why the Leatherology Slim Card Case is a standout. This wallet was structured in a way that storage is smooth and manageable, giving a leeway of space for cards to be moved around and not get strangled in the effort to make the framework as slim as possible. The leather is top quality, and the design can be modified for an extra $10. By paying for the add-on, customers may personalize the wallet by adding a monogram of one to four letters. It also comes in 10 different colors.

Herschel Charlie Wallet

Image from Hershcel

The energetic design of this wallet is what makes it stand out from its contemporaries. It allows a fit hold for cards without being uncomfortably tight. The wallet design can handle four cards at once, and it’s something that you’d enjoy using every day. Its stitching is tight and uniform as they are manufactured to avoid haphazardly running into the edge of the case.

Wallets will always be one of the more prominent essentials on a person’s day outside. It provides a utility to both men and women that goes beyond just keeping money safe. Having a clean, organized, and secure wallet is a protection to your identity, finances, and health.

Consumers may have different reasons for buying and using wallets. But it’s always good to know the difference between options you can choose from. Information is essential– and the information about the difference in thick and slim wallets might just save you from a world of pain.

There’s more to wallets than just safeguarding the treasury. It’s also a matter of your health and safety. Your comfort as you venture the outdoors is also one of the many aspects of life that slim wallets improve. When making decisions in life, even if it’s for something as mundane as just buying a wallet, ensure that you are well-informed, so you can always go with the best course of action.

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